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Kerry Washington is Unchained

Kerry Washington is Unchained

2012 has been a successful year for Kerry Washington, with a successful ABC series under her belt and the much anticipated appearance in the Quentin Tarantino film as the lead female.

American actress Kerry Washington has been edging her way into stardom on both TV and cinema screens since 2000. S012 has been a big year for her as she’s landed two major roles, the lead in an ABC drama called Scandal and in Tarantino’s highly anticipated Django Unchained.

Washington started her career as many young women do, through teen movies like Save the Last Dance. She is however most known for playing the wife or love interest in many critically acclaimed movies: Della Bea Robinson, Ray Charles wife in Ray, Idi Amin’s wife in the Oscar winning movie The Last King od Scotland about the life of the Ugandan dictator and Alicia Masters, the love interest of Ben Grimm/The Thing in the Fantastic Four franchise.

 Kerry-washington-lead-female-in-djuango-unchained-wearing-dolce-gabbana-ss-2013. Kerry Washington wearing Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2013 floral print coat for the Today Show.

In 2012 she is appearing on our TV screens as Olivia Pope a former crisis management expert to the president of the United States in Scandal. The series centres around the investigations undertaken by Pope’s own crisis management firm following her resignation from the White House. As the name suggests the plot is rife with juicy twists and turns.

In 2012 Washington is also going to appear in the cinema in the highly anticipated Tarantino movies: Django Unchained. Released in the US on Christmas Day, the movie is categorized as a “spaghetti western” set in the Deep South. The story centres on Django, (Jamie Foxx) a former slave who is freed on condition he helps to hunt down and kill a brutal gang called the Brittle Gang and hence rescuing his wife from slavery and prostitution at the hands of Calvin Candie (Leonardo di Caprio). In true Tarantino style the movie is set to be gory and ironic, a hopefully an instant classic in the spaghetti western genre.

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