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Matthew McConaughey:
Picks up the awards
but not the pounds


Matthew McConaughey may have won two awards at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards earlier this week but will his dramatic weight lose put him in line for bigger things?

The career of Matthew McConaughey has had its ups and downs, as with most of Hollywood’s big names; there is no way of knowing how a film will do until it’s released and paying customers are sat in their cinema seats, criticizing what they see before them. The ‘down’ moments that I am referring to are films like ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’, ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ and that Jennifer Lopez epic ‘The Wedding Planner’. There are some more but I am not here to dwell on these, no, for when McConaughey lands the right roles, he shines bright like in ‘Killer Joe’, ‘Tropic Thunder’ and ‘Amistad’… and is a reason why he was a winner at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, but it wasn’t just his win that caught our attention.


Matthew McConaughey loses 28 pounds and picks up two awards for Magic Mike and Bernie wearing Dolce and Gabbana

When the hunk stepped up to collect his awards, the onlookers were presented with a gaunt and frail looking guy, a former shadow of what we are used to seeing when we think of the man that is McConaughey. It’s reported that he has shed a massive 28lbs for his role in Jean-Marc Vallee’s up and coming film ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, which is based on the true-life story of Ron Woodroof – a drug taking, woman loving, homophobe who was diagnosed in 1986 full blown HIV/AIDS, leading him to the creation of The Dallas Buyers Club, which provided members with alternative treatments to the virus. But will this weight loss be for a worthy a cause?

Well, seeing as he was there to pick up two awards, both for Best Supporting Actor in recent hit comedies Bernie and Magic Mike, he could be on to a good thing. Directors like to see that the actors they are working with are as dedicated to their art as possible, something that is usually celebrated just as highly by the fans, even if it does make a few of us raise our eyebrows.

It’s nothing new, as we have seen other big names playing with their weight before;

  • Tom Hardy put on three stone of muscle for his role in 2008’s Bronson.
  • Natalie Portman shed 20lbs for Black Swan, a film that won her an Oscar.
  • How could you forget Tom Hanks in Cast Away?
  • And then there was that time that rapper 50 Cent lost 3 stone for his part in Things Fall Apart.

So, what do you think? will it be worth it? Well, we’ll just have to wait (get it? Wait/weight) and find out.

Which actor’s extreme body change do you remember most?

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