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The Maqui Berry is the new Super Food!

The Maqui berry

Feeling sluggish and slightly under the weather following the festivities? Are the January blues setting in? For a flying start to 2013 add the Maqui berry into your diet.


Remember the Acai berry? Adriana Lima for one swears by them. Adriana though needs to keep with the times and swap her Acai with Maqui, the new super berry.


The recently discovered berry is the world’s strongest antioxidant berry, earning a rating of 820 in comparison to acai which rates form 160-300 and the blackberry 61.

The Maqui berry are native to the Valdivian temperate rainforests of Chile and adjacent regions of southern Argentina and hence why they were not discovered for common use by modern day society up until recently, however, these berries were consumed by native tribes were eating the Maqui Berries since 1800’s, it was documented in 1844 that natives used Maqui to prepare chichi.


As well as helping people with Type 2 Diabetes, Maqui berries help to improve glucose tolerance and fasting glucose levels for everyone. In lay terms, they help keep energy high and hunger at bay as well as providing all the other benefits of antioxidants.

It’s advisable to start taking Maqui berries as a supplement or adding them to your diet via delicious smoothies (they taste like blackberrys).



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