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Health Trip:
Temptation fighters

Health Trip: seeds

Some lifestyle tips from the Lifestyle Editor on a health kick.

The usual New Year’s resolution of loosing weight, going to the gym and being generally healthier has usually run away from us by the end of January. I on the other hand am soldiering on I want to share with you some healthy living tips to help you (and me) not fall off the wagon (into the tub of Hagen Dazs).

This week I want to tackle hunger pangs. When reducing portion size, and until the stomach has shrunk to an adequate size, hunger pangs become more frequent, and frankly, they can make us irritable. In order to avoid feeling rough and being horrible to your long-suffering colleagues, nip the hunger pang in the bud with some healthy snacks to avoid chocolate and crisps.


Though nuts are usually advised for these sorts of healthy snacks, I’m not allowed them, so I’ve investigated the efficacy of seeds instead.  Like nuts they are packed with essential fatty acids, amino acids and iron, but are a bit less caloric. Choose a sesame seed bar (not the ones where the seeds are glued together with molten sugar), or loose pumpkin seeds. Or opt for a mix of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, (I’m a huge fan, but that’s for another week), sunflower seeds and sesame seeds all together. You can make the mixes yourself, or buy ready packaged ones with different flavours like Munchseeds


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