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Health Trip:
Make My Plate

Make My Plate

Sometimes healthy eating or plain dieting can become boring algebra exercises. Are you finding it difficult to work out the algorithm of food-calories ingested-caloriesburnt-weight-loss-happiness? Make My Plate to the rescue!

 Make My Plate is a handy website created by Alin Cooperman in 2011. It’s like a diet social network which allows you to create visual reminders of what you have eaten- a plate. As well as making that cabbage soup with linseed dressing look pretty, and not like washing up water, Make My Plate also does the calorie counting for you.

How does it work? The team behind the website have loaded tons of pictures on ingredients onto the site along with their nutritional value (carb content, protein, sugar, fat etc). The values are in accordance with US Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards and practices, so you know you can trust them. All you need to do is sign up, and drag and drop each ingredient into a “plate” and hey presto a visual low fat feast appears on your profile.


Make My Plate also doubles up as a social network, you can upload more pictures of food, share your plates with friends on the site or though Facebook as well as consulting your daily food intake requirements while on the go with an iphone app (an android one is in the pipeline). The site allows you to save the daily consumption and by visually scrolling through the dishes of the week or the month you can keep track of your diet.

Forget spreadsheets or those calendars full of numbers attached to the front of the fridge with a hamburger magnet, and start on a more visually friendly and easy to use visual nutritional guide.

Make My Plate has made my day.

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