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Health Trip Upside-down:
the new yoga trend

Antigravity Aerial Yoga

Move over Bikram yoga and power yoga, the latest trend in yoga invites you to go upside-down in a hammock. Isabella Gamez hangs upside-down for Swide.

A mix of techniques, Antigravity Aerial Yoga is a new revolutionary fitness regimen that consists in a series of poses using a special Antigravity Hammock. The keyword: inversion.

Despite its name, this technique borrows from yoga, Pilates and gymnastics, as well as contemporary dance.  Conceived by Christopher Harrison in the mid 90’s, a world-renowned gymnast and dancer, Antigravity Yoga was used by athletes and dancers and then adapted to everyone (yes, everyone!). This means you don’t need to be a Cirque du Soleil performer to enjoy the benefits of this technique, which aims not only to model and decompress your body, but also to change your state of mind. Another, more curious benefit: it can make you “taller”, after one class you will be stretched to your maximum height, you may gain up to 4cm in height.


Afraid of heights? The Antigravity hammock is a very resistant silky fabric that acts as your support system, connected from two overhead points and rated for over 900 Kg. The positions go from upside-down, where you get only 3 inches off the ground, to wrapping yourself with the hammock in a little cocoon, called savasana (final relaxation).

In my personal experience, it’s super fun! On the contrary to how it looks, it’s actually very easy. With the help of a certified teacher, everyone can hang upside-down without previous yoga-training, and it feels great. Thanks to the inversion sequences you are able to stretch completely. In my opinion, it’s ideal to combine with cardio and high impact exercise.


There are some counter indications, if you suffer from arthirits, glaucoma and high blood pressure, you better stick to one of the classic forms of yoga. On the other hand, a clinical study at Newcastle University, UK showed that 77% of patients suffering from back conditions, who received inversion therapy alongside physical therapy, no longer needed surgery.

Whether you’re a yogi or prefer to be wrapped in your cocoon at home, challenge yourself to go upside-down with Antigravity Aerial Yoga. Come summer the beach hammock won’t know what’s hit them!  

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