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Go short: haircuts for 2014

Short haircut ideas 2014: 5 celebrities hairstyle trends for Fall Winter

Fancy a change? Start the New Year with a new haircut. Here are 5 great shorter looks to consider for 2014.

New year, new look- almost. Dramatic changes of look go hand in hand with new year resolutions, and though its more than 1 month before NYE, its worth starting the research, as nothing is more depressing that starting the year with a bad hair cut. We’ve looked at the top 5 haircut ideas for 2014, now it’s time to cut it out and concentrate on the 5 must have short haircuts taking inspiration from the celebrities who have tried them. Here are 5 short options to mull over while enjoying some mulled wine.

The Pixie

Best Short Hairstyles Winter 2014 Jennifer Lawrence with Pixie Cut

Popularized by the divine Audrey Hepburn, the pixie is a timeless option for short hair. Many celebs have opted for the look at least once, from Mia Farrow in the 60s to Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson Anne Hathaway, and most recently Jennifer Lawrence. A traditional pixie will be short all over, but this year try to spice things up with a more choppy look. It suits best women with heart shaped, square or oval faces, and it performs better in wavy, thick natural hair.

The Shag

Best Short Hairstyles Winter 2014 Alexa Chung with The Shag haircut

Do not be alarmed by the name of this hairstyle, its no more than a layered, messy bob. Originally an Eighties favourite (think Jon Bon Jovi), the modern version of the shag is best personified in the messy and stylish locks sported by Alexa Chung. Best way to perfect the shag hairstyle is by applying plenty of wave inducing products.

Pompadour or Quiff Hairstyles

Best Short Hairstyles Winter 2014 Miley Cyrus with the Pompadour cut

While I much prefer the term pompadour, this hairstyle is nothing more than a short look with a quiff. Sported by the likes of Miley Cyrus, who recently has made headlines for much more than her hairstyle, this is a strong look for a strong lady. Very much in trend this winter season, thanks to the fabled return of grunge, it can go as far as having shaved sides and a mohawk top, or a simple pixie with a quiffed top.

Unstructured Bob

Best Short Hairstyles Winter 2014 Karlie Kloss Unstructured bob

While the classic bob is as timeless as a Birkin Bag, just ask Anna Wintour who has had the same haircut for 20 years, this winter the bob takes on an all together more dynamic look. Whether blunt with straight edges or wavy and messy like Karlie Kloss, the latest bob suits most women. All you need is a defined neck and a straight jaw line (which is hard enough), and most types of hair, from wispy straight to thick and wavy. If you have very curly hair there’s a risk of a poufy look, you’ve been warned.

The Demi Bob

Best Short Hairstyles Winter 2014 Keira Knightley's demi bob

The demi bob is the biggest trend in term of short hair, actually, medium hair if we wan to be precise. Vogue has declared it to be the hot trend of the season (off the runways that is), probably because of its versatility. Asymmetric, short, side swept and even curled, the demi bob is the perfect compromise for those who can’t do away with their locks, yet still fancy a change from the long hair. Sported by almost everyone over the past few years (myself included), Keira Knightley remains the ambassador of the look.

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