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Alessandra Ambrosio
and the Brazilian
Butt Lift

Model Alessandra Ambrosio diet and exercise secrets

32-year old mother of two and Victoria Secret Angel (yes it does sound like an oxymoron) has one of the most envied bodies on the catwalks. How does she do it? Here are her diet tips, her made to measure workout plan, and even some advice about over eating.

Sometimes we are reminded that life isn’t fair. When looking at pictures of beauties like Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr us more “body- challenged” mere mortals curse our genes and swear to start dieting tomorrow. What Swide wants to do is to show you that yes, genes have a lot to do with it, and that yes, scoffing one’s face is never a good option, but that realistically, a better body can be achieved. Models aren’t just born that way, they put effort and work into looking that good. So, how does Alessandra Ambrosio do it?

Possibly the most important part of the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s routine is her Brazilian Butt Lift workout. Fellow Brazilian trainer, Landro Carvalho is the go to guy to improve your butt and inventor of this workout. Ambrosio’s demands (and those of many other people too) were to have long legs, thinner thighs and also a tight buttocks.

The success of the workout is that the exercises work the 3 kinds of muscles in the butt – gluteal maximus, gluteal minimus and gluteal medius without adding mass to the things, thus the butt is lifted, the thighs lean and the illusion of never-ending legs is achieved.

The work out consists of the routines using elastics, ankle weights and even moves from Capoeira. Watch the video to get some useful tips.

YouTube Preview Image

Ambrosio is also a fan of Pilates as well as the new hot workout Cardio Barre (2014 fitness trends link), as well as enjoying sports recreationally like volleyball, surfing, roller skating and snowboard. To keep a healthy mind too, she enjoys Yoga.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio diet and exercise secrets

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing Dolce&Gabbana SS14 on the cover of Harper’s Baazar Russia

And what does this super human super model eat? Remember that as well as doing all this she also has 2 kids to look after.

Do not skip breakfast, ever- it seems to be Ambrosio’s mantra. And her breakfast is not a light snack either as it includes bacon but especially eggs. Benedict, fried, poached, Ambrosio is a fan of eggs in every way. In addition she also consumes some carbs in the form of muffins, sandwiches, bagels, bread, as well as some coffee and fruit. Her lunches, when leisurely, tend to be protein based: filet or chicken or traditional Brazilian fare such as rice and beans. For dinner she does advise light food like raw Japanese or more meat or fish based repas.

She has been spotted feasting on fast foods too like pizza, or even chips. How does she explain that then? “I really eat everything that it is pleasant to me. But nevertheless I always know when to stop. And not to go too far, I take it in small portions”. She also seems to advocate fractional diets: She eats in small portions, but frequent, up to six times a day. Between the main meals she takes fruits, nut or drinks protein cocktails with berries (energy value of a snack shouldn’t exceed 200 calories).

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