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Velvet Love- An olfactory declaration of love

The first in a series of videos which explain the inspiration and ingredients behind the Velvet Collection, Dolce&Gabbana’s haute perfumerie fragrances.

A timeless, passionate awakening is what we breathe in the notes of Love Velvet, spicy tones warm our soul in the deep blue nights “he gives her the night and its happy petals are entitled to all the carnations”, whispers Neruda in the shadow of a moon that illuminates the skin and perfumes it with the simple and natural flavors that surprise and intrigue.

Deliciously spicy, the essence of carnation enshrouds our thoughts immersing ourselves in the distant past, a hypnotic fragrance, rich and structured, with a sweet and flowery aftertaste. The top notes of Madagascar pepper for a high and thin vibration, lend male characteristics to the scent, anchoring the perfume to a time where women are not afraid to show their masculine side yet always remaining sensual and stylish. 

The heart notes stabilize the fragrance tying the other flavors into an olfactory experience which becomes deeper and does not disappoint the wearer and those who have the pleasure of experiencing the perfume. The Ylang Ylang, Cananga Odorata set you off on a luxurious trip to distant lands, through the Indian Ocean straight to the hot lands of Africa, in Madagascar.

Velvet love is a powerful tonic and stimulant with a balancing and revitalizing effect, capable of releasing the “love” emotions.

Written by: Eleonora Carisi


Credits: Dolce&Gabbana Perfumes

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