Hugo Mc Cafferty

is Swide’s Sports Editor. Share

Hugo Mc Cafferty is Swide’s Sports Editor.

Hugo McCafferty is the Sports Editor with Swide magazine and has been with the company since 2011. He writes primarily about sport but will turn his hand to anything including history, motors and culture. After leaving college where he studied to be a graphic designer, Hugo worked in the newspaper business in his native Dublin as a sub-editor for the Sunday Tribune, Irish Daily Star and Daily Mail before leaving for Italy where he worked on business-to-business publications. Hugo has two children, so the concept of 'free-time' is an alien one but he remains a sports news addict and current affairs junkie. He still attempts to play rugby at the weekends and is a recent convert to the religion of running. Good writing is one of his favourite things in the world as are art and history. Acting is in his blood and a fling with the craft in his twenties helped forge a lifelong love affair with the stage and screen. Hugo is a born culture vulture and is currently 50% digital, 50% human.

City: Dublin

Country: Ireland

Date of Birth: 12/09/76