Elisa della Barba

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Elisa della Barba Swide's Food&Travel Contributor

Elisa his Swide's Food&Travel Contributor. As well as working for Swide she is also a contributor for Fine Dining Lovers website (Food-Art section). She has written daily for over two years for the photography and travel section of Style.it (Conde Nast Italia), has published travel features in Elle Italia, was a feature writer for the National Magazine of Italian sommeliers, De Vinis, and has worked in New York as a food and travel feature writer. When not food and wine scouting or travelling, she likes to read non-fiction books and spend quality time with her family, including Leonardo, a beautiful red long haired dachshund, and friends. If she had another life, she would graduate in ethology and archaeology. She is a hedonist, and a nomad at heart. Twitter account: twitter.com/ElisadellaBarba

City: Milan, Barcelona, New York...

Country: Italy