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Samsung smartwatch:
photos, features and video

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch official picture

Samsung gets in ahead of the rest with its highly anticipated smartwatch the Galaxy Gear and unveils at the iFA international electronics consumer show on September fourth its latest innovation.


Last update 4 september 2013

On September 4 Samsung finally has released in Berlin the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.
Galaxy Gear won’t come out until October 2013 in the Usa, although many countries will sell last Samsung innovation in September. There is still no confirmation about the price.
Here are some features you want know about it, and a video presentation:

– Galaxy Gear has a 1.63-inch touchscreen and the display has a resolution of 320 by 320 pixel.

– Battery lasts at least 25 hours (or so Samsung is saying…).

– It makes calls: Galaxy Gear has speaker and microphone.

– It makes pictures with its 1.9 megapixels camera.

– It connects with Galaxy Note III , Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet 2014 edition and soon with Galaxy S 4.

– It will show notifications, message and email on a connected Samsung device.

– It runs a few apps and Samsung has promised to release more specific apps asap.

– Samsung Galaxy Gear will be released in 6 colors: black, gray, orange, beige, rose gold and yellow.

Details are scant, but the web is alive with conjecture, rumours and renderings. Initially the Samsung ‘Galaxy Gear’ was expected to be a stand alone smartphone, but recent reports suggest this will not be the case, as the device will not have its own SIM and cellular radio. This means it will sync with your Galaxy smartphone to make calls and receive messages, which makes sense considering the hardware constraints associated with smartphone technology that you don’t want to carry over to a smartwatch, such as not having to charge the watch constantly, as well as cost, size and weight considerations.

Galaxy Gear: Samsung smartwatch release date set for September 2013 – Price and features

The insertion of the name ‘Galaxy’ in the devices name points to a smartwatch that will be designed to slot seemingly into the whole Galaxy eco-system and suggests it will run an Android OS. In an interview with the Korea Times Samsung’s executive vice president Lee Young-hee stated “The Gear won’t have a flexible display. The new device will enhance and enrich the current smart mobile experience in many ways. It will lead a new trend in smart mobile communications. We are confident that the Gear will add meaningful momentum to the mobile industry.”

Galaxy Gear: Samsung smartwatch release date set for September 2013 – Price and features

Also reported is that the Gear will make its debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tablet-sized smartphone. That is a phone that bridges the gap with the tablet, giving you an oversized phone or an undersized tablet you can make calls on, whichever way you see it. The double roll-out in Berlin in September is aimed at stealing a march on Apple whose own fabled iWatch is due to be unveiled on September 10th.

Galaxy Gear: Samsung smartwatch release date set for September 2013 – Price and features

Apple are rumoured to have over 100 engineers working day and night on their smartwatch and the web would have us believe that the integrated Apple device will be more focused on health and integration of body analytics, while Samsung are happy to optimise everyday communication and positioning experiences. The description of the Galaxy Gear as a ‘Concept Device’ could suggest that initially it won’t be available to the public, Lee, states that the Gear would be marketed mainly to “young trend setters”.

Galaxy Gear: Samsung smartwatch release date set for September 2013 – Price and features

Whichever device grabs the headlines, September is set to be a month for all tech-heads to savour. Just how the public will take to a smarwatch concept in an increasingly saturated tech market remains to be seen. Sooner or later the tech giants will run out of niches to fill, but for now at least the smartwatch promises to inject some welcome novelty into the sector.

Photo: Concept of Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple iWatch



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