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Selling my
Soul for a

Problem Page Ben Taylor Instagram the perfect selfie tips

What’s the problem? This week’s lad is new to the wonders (curses) that Instagram is laden with and finds himself wondering what the trick to it all is.

Q: So, having kept my online life to a healthy minimum, I recently got my hands on the new iPhone 5S and thought that it was time to see what Instagram was all about.

Goddamn this social-popularity contest is addictive and I want to get in on it.

Any tips for the perfect selfie?

Problem Page Ben Taylor Instagram the perfect selfie tips

A: Well, to be honest. I’d say stay away before it’s too late. It is addictive and but it doesn’t always leave you feeling good.

I am now a serial poster and avid fan of the selfie, not to mention the various filters one can apply to the image, once taken, before slapping it up on the interweb for all to see and to, effectively, rate what they think about me… it’s luck that there’s not a dislike button on this platform like there is on YouTube… things would get nasssssty.

The reason I say not to run while you still can is that once you start posting and receiving likes, you’ll start to find any reason to post something in order to gauge the popularity of what you’re putting out there.

While some people find genius ways to use instagram and create feeds that follow a certain theme or project (some of which have found fame through), the majority of us just do duck face, toilet set shots or ‘sitting in traffic’ selfies as a way to pass the time without any real gain.

So, why not ditch the idea of perfecting the selfie and think of an idea that your feed could become known for? Something that other people haven’t necessarily thought of… or just dress a dog up in a cute manner. There is a whole world out there for you to instagram… why just share yourself? (I type while opening up photobooth on my Mac)



What’s your problem? They come in all shapes and sizes and, although our Agony Uncle Ben Taylor isn’t necessarily qualified to give you sound advice, he loves to do it.


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