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Polaroid Fotobar reinventing
instant gratification

Polaroid Fotobar reinventing instant gratification

2013 is set to see the return of Polaroid, the original purveyors of instant gratification within the realm of photography, inviting us to set our digital and camera phone images free.

Gone are the days when we would wait patiently for our camera rolls to be developed by the local store, for today is all about sharing digitally. It seems we have forgotten the simple pleasure of printing, framing and displaying our photography no matter what the subject might be. Even for myself, it is rare that I will scour through my computer/camera phone/memory cards, selecting images that I would like to hang on my wall and I’ve started to realise that the images that I take and I prize never leave the contraptions that were used to take them.

Well, in steps the familiar face of Polaroid, the iconic yet flagging photography company whose old branding focused on immediacy, a concept that actually led to the brands downfall. When the company announced bankruptcy, many of us thought that it was all over for the ‘retro’ brand but it seems that they’ve still got some fight in them.

Polaroid Fotobar reinventing instant gratification

Teaming up with project Fotobar, Polaroid are going to be opening 10 Polaroaid Fotobar stores in 2013 with the first opening this month in Florida.  The concept?

“Some of the most beautiful moments of our lives are “locked” on our phones or computers. Polaroid Fotobar offers a very easy, simple and cost-effective process to transform your favorite digital photos from your phone, computer or camera into extraordinary, cherished pieces of art to personally display in your home or office or to give as specials gift to friends and family.”

If you’re wondering what is going to make these images so extraordinary, it’s actually pretty exciting stuff. Polaroid Fotobar is going to give us the option of what kind of material our images are printed on canvas, wood, metal and various others and with different finishes and mounting requirements. The concept will help Polaroid market itself as a boutique photography brand, reinventing instant gratification and the pleasure of sharing printed images in a modern, slick environment that will make any cautious member or the iTechnology era feel comfortable enough to walk in. In essence, the idea is pretty simple; there are workstations where the customer works on their uploaded video with the help of a ‘Phototender’, creating a product that is both satisfying and tangible. Depending on your choice of material and finish, works will be delivered to you within 72hours of order, ready for you to display it with pride. 

Polaroid Fotobar reinventing instant gratification

What Polaroid are doing is sure to reboot this brand and raise their profile from nostalgic retro wasteland and back to innovative, forward thinking smart shooters.

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