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RIP @TatlerAlan

Tatler Alan

A selection of Alan’s best tweets, the Tatler puppy who passed away on Monday.

Tatler’s in-house dog, Alan a dachshund puppy, died yesterday in a tragic accident at Vogue House in London on Monday.

The tweeting Tatler puppy, one of the most famous dogs in the UK passed away yesterday in a tragic accident involving the revolving door at the entrance of Vogue House.

As a tribute to Alan we’ve selected some of his best tweets from his 2400 entries.


 The cat touched me. I took drastic action

 SERIOUSLY immersing myself in the job

Overheard in Tatler Towers: “Alan! Stop licking your willy on my lap” @sophiamcoutts (Soz about that…)

It is unreasonably cold in the country. Someone better fetch me a hot cocoa and some cashmere or I’m wailing like a hyena

Tatler Fashion = new BEST EVER place EVER. Pretty girls, pretty clothes, pretty good at cleaning up dog mess

My boss is threatening to turn me into a handbag. That’s the last time I leave work early

@TatlerUK Sorry for using the word BITCHES in a non-dog-related sentence. Obviously over excited

Day 1: First day jitters calmed by the fact I was CARRIED into work. Like a KING.

 What? It’s fine for a guy to have a teddy. It’s actually super manly, ok?

 So, if I stand & look cute on this pillow long enough, the pee underneath it will dry before anyone finds out #genius

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