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Doggy portraits
amuse the brush
of Bush

George Bush's Dog Paintings

Former US President George W. Bush’s time in office is probably best remembered for 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the War on Terror and the invasion of Iraq… his post presidential period though is now being associated with pretty doggy portraits. How a man can change.

Once referred to in non-political discourse for his embarrassing remarks, having a shoe hurled at him or choking on a pretzel, today the name of George W. Bush is on everyone’s lips for altogether different reasons.

After a leak of emails, it was revealed that George W. Bush has been taking painting lessons and it turns out he’s not a bad brush (forgive the pun).

His mentor, Bonnie Flood, a Georgia art instructor has been interviewed by American TV station Fox 5 and stated that Bush is quite a talented student. “He picked it up so quick, it was amazing actually,” she said. “His whole heart is in it.”

And what are George W. Bush’s favourite subject? His dogs. Yes the 43rd President’s artistic vision includes dogs.

Former-us-president-george-w-bush-paints-dogsGeorge Bush’s posthumous portrait of Barney, the White House Dog who passed away this February.

It is unlikely Bush’s paintings will ever go on display, or on sale, but if you see a picture of a white shitsu signed 43 snap it up before you can say “weapons of mass destruction.”


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