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One to watch – Music Interview with Faye

Faye Music interview about album and single breathe out

Stockholm’s Faye has been on the radar of music bloggers and magazines since this year kicked off. Swide’s Ben Taylor was lucky enough to catch a few words with the rising star.

There must be something in the water of Sweden for the talent that comes out the country always seem to leave a mighty mark on the world’s music scene. On her way to joining the ranks is Stockholm’s Faye, former band mate of Play that has gone solo, gaining much deserved attention on the music scene. She has just released her fourth solo single and is gearing up for the release of her debut album early 2013.


Swide couldn’t wait to throw some questions her way:

For those of us that are new to you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself, where you grew up (sights, sounds, environment etc) and family? Paint us a picture.

I grew up in a suburb in Stockholm together with my parents, my sister and my brother. I started to sing as early as I can remember and there was a lot of music in my house. My siblings are still my best friends and I miss them if I don’t see them for three days! I understood pretty soon that I wanted to work in music and that singing would be the thing that would make me happy.

Faye Interview 2012 on set of Breathe Out video shoot 

When asked to describe your music, you mentioned that Victor, Johann and yourself wrote this album during a low period of your life, influencing the dark pop element to your music. How does music help you as a release?

My music helps me a lot. When we wrote this album, all our hours together worked almost as therapy sessions for me. I feel that I have a lot to say, but it has to be in a forum where I feel very safe, and I always felt very safe on stage. On stage, no one can get to me. I get to tell my story in my own way.

Has their been a time when music hasn’t been enough?

Before I started working with Montauk and before we found my sound, I felt kind of frustrated about music. Knowing that I wanted to do music but not in what way. And the problem always was that I didn’t know what else to do if singing didn’t work out! So I’m very grateful that I get the chance now.

You were once a member of the pop band, Play. You have been doing it on your own now for sometime and I was wondering what the process of writing a song is like in comparison between group and solo artist?

The difference is that I make all the decisions and that I would never do anything if I don’t believe in it a 100%. And the biggest difference is that I have so much more fun than I ever had before and I work with wonderful people that inspire me! This is my first experience as a songwriter so I guess I got pretty lucky meeting Montauk!

Faye profile picture 

So, to date, you work with Victor, Johann and you’ve collaborated with Kleerup. Anyone I’m missing off the list? What have each of these producers/writers brought to the album?

Johan, Victor and I decided pretty early that we wanted to do the album ourselves, it became sort of a test and I think that we really managed to keep that feeling that we wanted to create for this album. When Kleerup called and asked me to write a song with him it was natural for me to bring Montauk and I think we did a great song together! The song “The fever keeps me breathing” is written for Kleerup’s album and I think it’s a great way for me to show who I am as an artist in another forum.

Your tracks have received some rather nice remixes. How does it feel when someone meddles with your work?

I think it’s great! The more the merrier!


Apart from music, what should Sweden be celebrated for?

Wonderful summers and beautiful inspiring people!

How do the Swedish celebrate the good times?

I celebrate good times with champagne together with friends!

Is there anything that worries you about ‘celebrity’?

I don’t think so, but you’ll never know how you’re going to react when that happens. I’m trying not to see myself as a celebrity, when I close the door to my apartment I’m just me.

And finally what can we expect from your album? Any surprises?

My album is a story and a story always has surprises.


Breath Out is available now on Best Fit Recordings




Interviewed and Written by Ben Taylor

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