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Rebecca & Fiona want you to Dance: Swide investigates.

Swedes do it best. At least, that is what can be said when it comes to their pop music exports. Rebecca & Fiona have been patient, letting their sound creep on to the radio, and with their new release, ‘Dance’, it would seem that they are about to enter the mainstream.

Working together since 2007, Rebecca&Fiona have built up quite an impressive CV; opening for Swedish pop goddess Robyn, lent their voices to various musicians, had a winning internet TV series and also been nominated for Newcomer of the Year and Best Dance act, amongst others. Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatick’s talent comes as no surprise; Rebecca’s father is one of Sweden’s most notorious classical pianists and Fiona’s dad was the king of Swedish 80’s synthpop, apparently. 


November 2011 saw the release of their debut album, ‘Love You, Man!’, which has notched up some popular chart hits and caught the interest of the masses. Seeing as they have both dabbled extensively with DJing and producing, it is easy to understand why they’ve been making waves in their homeland over the last few years and it is time that we paid attention to what it is these two girls are capable of.

There is no better time to discover these girls than today with their new single, ‘Dance’, which had its debut on March 9th; a slow burning electro ballad that can be likened to the work of fellow Swedes Fever Ray and iamamiwhoami. 

Stay tuned on Swide because we are going to catching up with the girls for an interview and find out how they are dealing with all this international attention.

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Written by Ben Taylor 

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