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New Music Introduction – Blank Banshee

Blank Banshee is riding the wave of Seapunk and Vaporwave, two music genres that have gained popularity this year. His popularity is growing and so Swide got the basics from the artist.

With the internet giving us unlimited access to a ridiculous amount of talent from all genres, walks of life and levels of expertise, it’s not always easy to sniff out the ones worth watching. Well, here is one for you, Vancouver’s Blank Banshee that has been hailed as one of the best artists on the Seapunk scene… even if he doesn’t know that himself yet.

Before Swide sent this interview Blank Banshee’s way, all we knew about the faceless musician was that he dabbles with both 90s computer screensaver aesthetics and LSD. Fair play. But that doesn’t mean we have been left with a raw and scattered low production debut LP, no, in fact it is quite the contrary. This collection of 15 tracks comes with some slick production, weaving in and out of chillwave, techno, experimental RnB, synth and funcky bass, and establishing Blank Banshee as much more than just another producer… even if he doesn’t seem that impressed by his own work.

First of all, back to basics – Name, what you do, location:

Blank Banshee, 25 y/o producer, Vancouver, Canada.

How did you get into music production? What do you use?

I got into music and production naturally as a means of self expression. I use a laptop and some midi controllers.

You express yourself under the moniker Blank Banshee and remain faceless, what have you got to hide?

Nothing really, i’ll attach my picture.


The music you’re producing fits nicely within the boundaries of experimental RnB and Seapunk. What are your influences?

The world wide web/ The beach

The titles of your tracks are pretty evocative. What is the music of Blank Banshee communicating?

Everyone who listens to my music will have a different interpretation of it. It’s a sonic space where something is being expressed, but to the listener, it represents something completely subjective.

If Blank Banshee wasn’t producing music, what would he be doing?

Trouble/ Art / Dead

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Interviewed and written by  Ben Taylor

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