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3 songs to… remind you of the magic number

The number three is regarded as the magic number and Mood Swings has decided that he wants to inject a spot of magic in to the music that he’ll be bringing you on a weekly basis. Here, Mood Swings serves up three magic tracks…

Let it never be said that I am haughty; in an act of humility it has been decided that five songs a week really was too arrogant. Who am I to select five great tracks each week? That’s 3+2, a full house.
While four would still be arrogant, not to mention far too square, and two is too…dualistic, three is just right. I’ll admit I’m not the first to come up with this (the Holy Trinity, you know), but I’m certain that in the spirit of Christian forgiveness I’ll be pardoned for my profane use of three’s perfection.

Yet the number 3 also implies many aspects distant from religion. The triangle often doesn’t enclose the All-seeing Eye, swathed in Holy light, but rather a complicated (or really simple?) tangle of extremely earthly attractions and limbs…. If you know what I mean.

Turning back to the idea of perfection, there is but one track I can think of. By some mysterious coincidence, it happens to be the third untitled track of Sigur Rós’ amazing “( )” album. If I needed any reasons to love this group any more than I already do, I learned that they invented their own artificial language, called vonlenska (“Hopelandic”) and regularly mix it with Icelandic in their songs –  the album,”( )”, is entirely in Hopelandic. It is made up of meaningless syllables only meant to express feelings and sounds that can’t be expressed in a normal lexical form. As if their music wasn’t enough.



 Written by Andrea Ratti

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