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Florrie: jot the name down, you’ll be tattooing it later

Florrie is a collective word in the music industry to describe this new, amazingly talented young girl with a promising future ahead.

Florrie. When you curiously click on her website to get more information, the first thing that hits the eye is her name written in a very bold font. It’s plain black for the moment but given all the promising future she has ahead, it’s just a question of time seeing swarovskis, diamonds, gold leaves and all that glamorous and glittery stuff attached to her letters… along with all the awards she will be grabbing.

Who’s Florrie? That’s a short question with a very long answer. I’d rather describe her as a one girl army; she’s a drummer that has collaborated with Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue and Pet Shop Boys… She’s a singer with one of those special voices that keep haunting you until you start murmuring her song yourselves. She’s a songwriter that creates catchy choruses that can cheer you up even when you get your favourite pair of pumps ruined in a crowded disco. She plays the guitars, stars as a model in Nina Ricci advertisements, remixes her own songs, gets featured in the Ponystep thanks to Kitsune’s adoration for her music. She is this and that, will do these and those. She’s just started conquering everyone’s heart and she will not stop. 

Why we adore her even more is because of her will to experiment. She recently refused to sign a deal with major record labels, and when asked the reason she stated: ‘The reason is that I believe there are certain things that I need to do first to give me the best chance of succeeding in the future and also allow myself the time to experiment and create the music I really want to make. I’m also having loads of fun and that is what it’s all about :)’ You can find all of her tracks available for free download on her website.

We’re proud to share her first music video with you and soon you’ll be treated with a very exclusive interview. As she sings in one of her songs, ‘Call 911 she’s on the run’, Florrie’s on the run and we’ll be continuing our chase to get the latest news. We can’t wait to see her in Paris! For her concert dates, check her website here.

Text by Yigit Turhan 

Source: Florrie Website 

Photo Credits: Paul Scala, Kate Bellm

Video Credits:  Chris Chart

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