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Kylie Minogue’s
Best music video Moments

To celebrate the birthday of Kylie Minogue, the nicest showgirl in the music industry, Swide has selected her best music video moments from past to present.

To celebrate the birthday of Kylie Minogue, the nicest showgirl in the music industry, Swide has selected her best music video moments from past to present.

Everyone loves a good birthday and who can resist one that celebrates one of the music world’s most iconic artists, whose career has spanned an impressive 25 years. That’s right Kylie Minogue is enjoying the type of attention that only a birthday brings your way, but it just so happens that she is a superstar with millions of fans all wanting to wish her a happy birthday, including Swide. Like Dolce&Gabbana, who have had a very special working relationship with the singer, Swide have seen her grow and morph through different eras of her as a music artist.

Here at Swide, we love Kylie Minogue like there is no tomorrow. Our love for the artist is just because she sings a pretty song or because of the fact that her music videos are perfect examples of how a pop superstar should do things, no, it’s also because her public persona is one of the most honest, humble and respectful out there. Kylie has proved that you don’t have to shock or offend people in order to reach the masses and gain respect from audiences. Whilst her fame may not be as notorious as that of Madonna’s there is no denying that Kylie is as sweet and fun loving as her fans are. You never hear her talking bad about people or making over blown politically charged statements through her performances, shocking or annoying someone somewhere.

One of the other reasons we love Kylie so much is that she, in some ways, she embodies the essence of what a popstar is and isn’t ashamed to do so. This is something that has been evident from when she first burst on to the music scene with ‘Locomotion’ back in 1987 to her most recent hits like ‘Timebomb’ of 2012.

Well, in classic Kylie fashion she hasn’t kept all the presents to herself and we were surprised with the gift of a new track called ‘Skirt’ produced by Nom De Strip, who has won praise from the likes of Deadmau5, Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner. This is a stronger, more club ready version of Kylie that we have rarely heard. Have a listen to the ng which you can find after our favourite Kylie clips.

So, taking a look at her back catalogue, here as Swide’s Best Kylie Minogue music video moments:

Locomotion 1987

This is where it all started and that is why this is one of her best music video moments… that and who can resist floating graffiti backdrops? We certainly can’t.

Better the Devil You Know 1990

This video saw Kylie Minogue embody, what is now known as, ‘sexy Kylie’, making this song a classic of hers. This video kicks of with a panic stricken Kylie running through the dark in a see-through rain mac and culminates in some mighty fine bottom wiggling. Success!

What Do I Have to Do 1991
Having been branded a modern pop classic when it was released, this slice of hi-energy pop saw Kylie take her new sexy persona to another level, complete with shots of her looking coy, submersed in water, faux lady loving looks and seductive moves. But to be honest, it’s the weave that makes this one of her best music video moments.

Confide In Me 1994
Not only did this song receive critical acclaim and hailed as Kylie at her best, it also became a firm fan favourite and gave us the first glimpse at what was to become ‘Indie Kylie’. This video marked the moment that Kylie Minogue started to become recognized globally as an artist and not just a pop flash in the pan.

Did it Again 1997

With ‘Indie Kylie’ in full swing, this track from the album ‘Impossible Princess’ is accompanied by a video that features a show down between 4 versions of our Miss Minogue… what else is there to say? A fan favourite.

Spinning Around 2000

The song that reminded us all that the singer was still on top of her game, ‘Spinning Around’ blew up the dance floors all over Europe. The video is pure classic Kylie, featuring a dance routine, hot guys, glitter and, not forgetting, THOSE gold hot pants that made her pert bottom a superstar.

You Disco Needs You 2001

The time that Kylie out gayed herself… enough said.

Can’t Get You Outta My Head 2001

It’s hard to believe that this video came out in the same year as ‘Your Disco Needs You’. With its ridiculously slick production, famous robo-kylie dance routine and retro futuristic use of red plastic (not too mention the careful use of boob-tape), this video made Kylie an international superstar overnight. This song was the lead single from her most successful album to date ‘Fever’ and still sounds as fresh as it did over a decade ago.

Love at First Sight 2002

Maybe I am featuring this one purely because it is one of my favourite Kylie songs, but you can’t go wrong with white combat pants, blue eye shadow and yellow high heels.

Slow 2003

After a hugely successful world tour with ‘Fever’ the world couldn’t believe it when this sexy little number came out. I mean, guys and girls sun bathing and thrusting at the side of the pool in Barcelona… yes please.

Chocolate 2004

This is Kylie’s most beautiful video to date; the colours, the clothers, the people and, of course, the perfect use of contemporary dance. Everything about the video that accompanies this slow burning love song is just perfect. And who doesn’t love to see Kylie perform a duet with a handsome man? I thought so!

I believe In You 2004

Goddess Kylie comes out to play for this beautiful song. The video stands as one of her best moments due to its simplicity and ethereal like quality. This song was a huge success and has since become a tour favourite.

Get Outta My Way 2010

And finally, the light loving video for Get Outta My Way saw Kylie bringing a huge dollop of sass to our screens with her anthemic ode to time wasters. This video is a perfect example of Kylie dipping into new technologies and production styles. Although this wasn’t the biggest hit in the charts this song is a firm Kylie classic that is adorned all over the world.

Sorry if one of your favourites isn’t here. Let us know which Kylie Minogue Music video moment is your favourite.

And, as we promised here is her the latest music to come from Kylie Minogue. Enjoy.

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