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A new singing machine is in town

Even if your toes can’t stop tapping to Florence and the Machine, remember you’re not actually at that teenage party with your hormones racing – no you’ve already had that wonderful first kiss (or so we hope).

Nominated for the Critics’ Choice Award at this year’s 2009 Brit Awards, “Florence and the Machine” don’t atually debut their new first album untill May 2009 (Islands Records), but just like a rebellious teenager you can listen to their first songs here via their Myspace page. 

Florence Welch, is a 22 year girl who a few months ago started to sing in London’s libraries, with her band. Her impressive vocal intensity flies between PJ Harvey and Kate Bush. The obligatory urban legend says she was actually drunk and singing in a pub toilet, when her soon-to-be manager Mairead Nash (yes, that girl from “Queens of Noize” duo, yes that girl from the indie London scene, yes that girl that inspired the Pete Doherty’s band name “Babyshambles”) decided she was such a talented performer she would make the perfect pop singer.

Re the new album – Florence Welch described it to NME as “…it sort of sounds like a choir, a harp, some metal chains and a piano all put through a car crusher, then hit with wooden planks really hard”. Don’t let this put you off. Last year Florence and the Machine released just two singles: the blustering low-fi pop track “Kiss with a fist” and the second, “Dogs days are over”. With the usual rebellion of a bored middle-class girl, Florence was obsessed with Nirvana when she was too young  – she loves the White Stripes, Billie Holiday and tends to take to the microphone after a few alcoholic sips.

Now we get it…

Take a peek at the U.K’s recent Guardian’s article for more, plus an amazing performance review from NME.

Giuliano Federico

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