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Jean Greige Quintessential ‘70s Sunday Playlist

Sundays in Los Angeles are all about flea markets and sidewalk-café dining, all whilst decked out in ‘70s rocker garb. In the true spirit of sunny Los Angeles Sundays...

I present the Jean Greige Quintessential ‘70s Sunday Playlist: (All the credits go to Youtube & Jean Greige.)

 1. T. Rex – The Motivator

I used to watch Ally McBeal a lot when I was a kid. Tracy Ullman made guest appearances as Ally’s therapist, and whenever Ally would get especially crazy, Tracy would tell her to sing her own theme song in her head. I can’t remember what Ally chose, but this would definitely be my theme song. It’s impossible not to feel like a total babe when you listen to this track. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

2. Lou Reed - Make Up

This is the ultimate anthem for rad girls getting dressed in the morning. You can just listen to it and think, “Oh, Lou Reed, how nice of you to write a song about me.”

3. David Bowie - Oh! You Pretty Things

There’s something quite uplifting about the idea that by the time you’re done playing around in your closet, you can look so good, your mammas and pappas worry about you. 

4. Queen - Lazing on A Sunday Afternoon

It’s no surprise that LA is a bit on the theatrical side, which is what makes this Queen song the perfect soundtrack to kicking off your Sunday with a leisurely stroll around your favorite vintage stores. Try on every pair of leather pants you can find, and make Freddie Mercury proud.

5. Sparks – Goofing Off

On top of being a remarkably well-dressed brother duo, Sparks is kind of notorious for having the most fun lyrics imaginable. This song is all about going nonstop all weekend long before being propped back up in your office chair on Monday.  I think it was like the precursor to Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, only much better.

6. Blondie – Sunday Girl

Debbie Harry is the consummate style icon, and “Sunday Girl” is the best sunshine weekend track. You can just imagine her standing on a countertop, singing it to you while you wait in line for your afternoon frozen yogurt fix. 


7. The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner

Los Angeles is a total car town, but this Modern Lovers track makes driving seem like the ultimate adventure! You won’t even mind driving in circles around the flea market looking for parking.

8. Electric Light Orchestra – So Fine

I can’t get enough ELO, and this song in particular makes me shout out the lyrics in agreement. “Yes! I want to be where the stars shine bright!” It’s a great way to stay upbeat while twilight sets in.

9. The B-52s – Downtown (Petula Clark cover)

I have always loved “Downtown”, but it’s just that much better when The B-52s do it. In Los Angeles, Downtown is an emerging place for art-walks, bike rides, and amazing food. It’s the great place to grab small plates for dinner and walk to a gallery.

 10. Big Star – Nighttime

This song is the perfect close to a Los Angeles Sunday. I like to listen to it with the windows down on summer nights, driving home from a Sunday well-spent. 


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