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Al Pacino was out in Chicago at the premier of his new film 'Stand Up Guys' in which he stars alongside Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin. There's enough quality to ensure it's more than watchable.

Chicago is a theatre town, and Pacino spoke to the media at the event of his desire to tread the boards in the Windy City, indeed the film's director Steven Fisher is a Chicago native and steeped in the stage culture of the city. Pacino has recently been devoting more and more time to the stage side of his craft and is currently in the process of resurecting the Pulitzer Prize-winning Glengarry Glenross for abroadway production. Pacino is from real actor's stock and we just thought we'd take the opportunity to remind you how good he is. Here's Swides top monologues by Al Pacino...


Scent of a Woman

Deservedly won an Oscar for this performance. The blind Colonel Frank Slade takes blue-blooded Charlie Simms under his wing to school him in what it really means to be a man. Pacino embues the role with old school Southern charm.

The Merchant of Venice

One of Shakespeare's best monologues and Pacino does a fine delivery in his role as Shylock.


Glengarry Glen Ross

Such a brilliant film and Pacino is unapologetically bad in this film version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning stage production. When Pacino is in full flow you are enjoying it just as much as he is.

Devil's Advocate

Pacino really let's loose in this one. It doesn't matter how much he hams it up, it's just a joy to watch.

Any Given Sunday

One of the best fictional sports film ever made a lot of that is due to Pacino's performance. It's hard not to be stirred by this speech, even only watching from your armchair.



I know we said 5... but Swide couldn't leave this one out.

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