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Film 2013
The rise of
Greek Mythology

best films 2013 about Greek Mythology including 300 Rise of an Empire

With the Greek God of Love, Eros, influencing our hearts during 2013, Swide took a quick look to see what else Greek mythology will be influencing this year. Here’s what’s at the cinemas.


Every year sees a nod to the stories and fables of Ancient Greece, taking direct inspiration from the Gods and Monsters that taught the people how life should be lived. 2013 sees a scattering of figures appearing in film and, so, Swide has taken it upon themselves to show you what you should keep your eyes out for this year.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – release date: August 7, 2013


While the above is a prequel, this sequel to 2010’s loose adaptation of Rick Riordan’s ‘The Lightning Thief’, which is the first book in the ‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians’ novel series. It focuses on Percy Jackson, a teenager who is unaware of his true identity and that he is in fact a half-blood human and the son of Greek God Poseidon… not bad, right? Anyway, there is a misunderstanding about the whereabouts of Zeus’ master lightening bolt and Percy has to discover the truth about his identity in order to help save the day. You know, casual teenage problems.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (Official Trailer 2013) 

Skip forward to 2013 and we have the second film gearing up for release in Summer, hoping to catch the blockbuster season while it is in full swing. This adventure sees Percy’s school, Camp Half-Blood, come under attack from a mysterious evil entity, spurring Percy and his friends on to find the Sea of Monsters and locate the Golden Fleece in order to save the camp. Yes, this does all sound very much like Harry Potter but now that our wizarding hero is no longer on screen, Percy Jackson makes the perfect fantasy epic substitute for all.


Elysium – release date: August 9, 2013


Director Neill Blomkamp returns to cinema with his second feature length since the epic South Africa based Sci-Fi drama ‘District 9’, that followed the tale of office worker Wikus, who has to go on the run after a series of events sees him transforming into one of the aliens that have set up camp in Johannesburg. Now, Blomkamp returns with a bang with Elysium, which stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in a future not so far away, where the privileged live on a spacecraft away from the desolate and destroyed others that remain on earth.

Elysium (Official trailer 2013)

Elysium is a concept of the afterlife from Greek Mythology that is separate from all other realms of the afterlife and welcomed those who were chosen by the gods or those that were heroic or righteous. Those who were not chosen were left to drift in the other realms without direction or hope… or even worse, to wind up in Hades. This concept is evident in Blomkamp’s film that sees the rich and notable have the opportunity to abandon the ruined planet and opt of a life of luxury in a space station that is ‘inaccessible’ to those from Earth. Obviously, things come to a head and our hero, Matt Damon, takes on those that keep these two worlds separate… cue action.

300: Rise of an Empire – release date: August 2, 2013


Returning to our screens is the overtly masculine and heroic portrayal of the characters that lace the comic series by Frank Miller’s 300. The original plot followed King Leonidas who leads 300 Spartans into a fierce and fated battle against the Persian armies that descend upon their land with the intention to take whatever they feel is theirs. The film quickly made cult status and inspired a ridiculous amount of spin-off exercise programs for the guys who wanted to attempt to reach the physical form that the film’s lead characters strutted proudly with.

300: Rise of an Empire serves as a prequel to the 2007 film, and tells the tale of Greek general Themistocles who takes on an invading army of Persian soldiers that are under the control of Xerxes. It is set to star Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton and Rodrigo Santoro, who played the mortal-god Xerxes in the first film. You can expect as much blood, sweat and tears as the first film featured… and, of course, a huge helping of muscular guys playing the hero. Set to come out in late August.

300: Rise of an Empire (Official trailer 2013)

There are rumours that we could see films about Theseus but little information has been given about who, what, when, where or why. But we can only hope.

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