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3 songs to…
teach yourself
about techno

top songs new techno pioneers 2013 by Andrea Ratti

Mood Swings is here to teach us about Techno and he has chosen 3 of the best guys in the business right now to show you how it is done. With Gesaffelstein, SCNST and Arnaud Rebotini in the mix, you’re bound to learn a thing or two.

What is it that makes one electronic music producer stand out amongst his peers? Apart from the obvious considerations of technical ability and being able to understand what the public is going to want to hear six months from now, I think it’s a cleverness consisting in knowing how to ride the hype bandwagon but in a detached manner, creating a sound that is indeed ‘hip’ but still manages to stand out, for one reason or another, in the constant flow of productions being flung at us every day.

That’s exactly what Gesaffelstein, a.k.a. French enfant-prodigy Mike Levy, has done. He is part of the newest generation of French electronic musicians but distincts himself for the moody obsessiveness and brooding sheer violence of his productions, which are generally labelled techno but need a long list of sub-genres to be explained.


Maybe not as striking but definitely worth mentioning is emerging German talent SCNST: born in 1993 (gosh…) this young man does some suprisingly mature techno for someone his age. Boys Noize noticed this too and was quick to sign him up on his label.


Even if he can’t be considered part of a new generation of producers, Arnaud Rebotini has to be mentioned when speaking of dark and (psychologically) violent techno. With a past in metal and a present working with his new label BlackStrobe Records, this massive Frenchman (he is SO VERY tall) has been leaving his mark on techno for the past decade.

Arnaud Rebotini

Written by Andrea Ratti



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