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3 songs to…
help reboot
R’n’B classics

best 2013 house remixes of classic rnb video playlist

This week Mood Swings has been inspired by the DJs out there who are taking tracks, reworking them and serving up so welcome blasts from the past.

This week’s post is dedicated to those who believe that R’n’B should stay off the dancefloor. If you’re not one of those people who enjoy giving their booty a shake from time to time (or all the time) but rather prefer a steady beat when at the club then fear not: the solution might be closer than you think. That’s the beauty of remixes: picking something up and transforming into something completely different.

A few weeks back I posted a remix of Destiny’s Child by Cyril Hahn, a rework that flips the track around and turns into a brooding and nearly Antony Hegarty-like house drama (let me refresh your memory)

Destiny’s Child

First off is a remix by Leo Zero of Rihanna’s hit ‘Rude Boy’. The track has been transformed into a vintage disco gem and is quite unrecognizable if not for the lyrics. Make sure you check out Leo Zero’s Soundcloud page thoroughly…there is some excellent music on there and lots of it is free to download.



Jimek is a young Polish composer who took upon himself the hard task of remixing the queen of R’n’B, Beyoncé. His musical upbringing made it possible for him to transform Beyoncé’s ‘End of time’ in a club-oriented yet melodical new product.


This last track has little or nothing to do with R’n’B but it deserves a mention in any playlist. Petula Clark (yes, THE Petula Clark who went ‘Downtown’) has recorded a new album which is hitting the stores next month. The 80-year-old singer has already released a new single, ‘Cut Copy Me’, a lovely and melancholy track. Compuphonic, a Belgian (again) DJ, remixed it and made it a little darker but with a stronger beat, creating something new and absolutely beautiful.

Petula Clark


 Written by Andrea Ratti



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