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The 3D printer
for make-up is real

Mink: 3D make-up printer by Harvard grad Grace Choi

The beauty industry may be about to shook to its very foundations. A Harvard Business student Grace Choi has developed a 3D make-up printer that allows you to create your own make-up at home for a fraction of the cost.

The beauty industry is purported to be worth some $55 billion and may be about to be shook to it’s very foundations by Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi who has developed a 3D make-up printer called Mink that can print eye shadow, blush and lip colours in the same FDA-approved ink used by makeup companies. The mink can take ANY image and instantly turn it into a wearable colour cosmetic.

Mink 3D printer make-up will be sold at the price of 300 dollars

Mink is able to identify and copy exactly the pantone shades of industry colour used by major make companies. The printer costs initially $300 but the popular it becomes the lower the price will get and hooks up to an normal computer just like a normal printer. A reasonable small outlay could provide you with the exact make-up you want for a lifetime.

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Initially the Mink will be aimed at the female 13-21 age bracket, not only as they are experimenting with make-up at this stage but they are also forming habits and haven’t developed any brand loyalties either. However Grace Choi sees it too as an opportunity to allow young females to express themselves creatively as well as have a freedom from demographic customer racial profiling that may affect some girls at an impressionable age, so she sees the Mink as a chance to do some good also.

Now if only she could invent a  Mink mask that would print make-up directly on your face, that would be quite something.


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