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Madonna in the
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Madonna’s new album 2014: in the studio with Avicii!

Having wrapped the world’s dancefloors around this little finger with hits like ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Levels’, it looks like Swedish producer Avicii has caught the interest of the Queen of Pop, Madonna!

At only 24 years old, Avicii has exploded on the EDM scene, lighting up clubs with his infectious, often heartfelt, spin on electro house music. Trust me, you’ll have heard at least one of his songs during the last couple of years, whether it’s the blisteringly feel good ‘Levels’, the cheeky piano dashed ‘You Make Me’ or, more recognizably, his huge folktronica house hit ‘Wake Me Up’. Either way, for a young guy, he’s doing something very very right and Madonna revealed that she has been in the studio with the Swedish Star, via her Instagram.

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Know it? Yep, thought you would.

Madonna’s new album 2014: in the studio with Avicii!

So, what is it that Madonna and Avicii are up to? We all know that Madonna loves to dance and that she’s been spinning off her own brand of club ready hits for the last decade or so, but clearly she is ready to take things to a whole new level and give us a summer anthem that will appeal to much more than just Madonna fans. With Avicii preferring to combine folk sounds with hard hitting electro house, can we expect to hear something that sounds like a beefed up remix of a track from her 2000 hit album ‘Music’?

We knew that Madonna was already working on a new album and that we can expect new material this year but as to what direction she’ll be taking her sound in, we are yet to find out. But her revelation of the work she is doing with Avicii is a telling sign of what we could expect. Read more about the news of her new album, here.

Madonna’s new album 2014: in the studio with Avicii!

When we find out more, we’ll let you know.

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