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Dan Brown’s Inferno film needs Benigni

Dan Brown discusses Inferno movie and cast Roberto Benigni at launch in Florence

Yes, of course, Dan Brown’s Inferno is being made in to a film but who is going to star in it? Well, the author has his sights firmly set on Italian actor and Dante scholar Roberto Benigni.

Not satisfied rattling enough cages via prose alone, Dan Brown’s novel centered around Dante’s masterpiece Inferno, which is the first in his three-part poem The Divine Comedy, is inevitably going to be turned into a feature film.

The reason Brown has got his heart set on Roberto Benigni is due to the fact that he is an actual Dante scholar and is impressed by his knowledge and mastery of The Divine Comedy. As well as being an Oscar-winning actor for his tragicomedy film ‘Life is Beautiful’, Tuscany born Benigni also performs Dante’s poetry from memory to sold-out audiences, in venues across Italy. Not bad, hey?

Also, a reason why including Benigni would add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ is because the character that opens the story and who had plotted to unleash an infernal tragedy onto the world is in fact a Dante scholar and obsessed with the Dive Comedy… there’s no saying that Dan Brown would expect Roberto Benigni to take this role in the film but it’s a neat little parallel for fans to draw on.

This info was revealed while Dan Brown at the launch in Florence, the setting of his new book and, obviously, the upcoming set to the screen adaptation it, too.  

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