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Finding Dory
2015 – What we hope to see


In case you didn’t know Finding Nemo’s forgetful sidekick Dory is returning to the big screen in her own Disney Pixar feature film entitled ‘Finding Dory’. Here’s what we hope to see.

With one of our ‘Finding Dory’ wishes answered last night (that William Dafoe will return for the roll of Gill), our expectations of the upcoming 2015, maybe 2016, Disney Pixar release are slowly becoming a reality. With Ellen Degeners’ lovealble character ready to go on t hunt for her parents, ‘Finding Dory’ is set to be as emotional as ‘Finding Nemo’, if not more.

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For all of you that are unfamiliar with the delightful Dory, she is a Pacific Regal Blue Tang that embarks on the adventure of a lifetime with the mortified father of Nemo, a young clownfish that is captured on the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney to live in an aquarium. Dory, with her charming positivity and painfully forgetful mind, she joins Nemo’s father Marlin in an effort to locate his son. After a brief moment with some sharks, a game of Jellyfish hopping and a brush with some deep-sea dwellers, the unlikely pair, with the help of Dory’s ability to talk to whales, finally find Nemo and everyone cries with joy.

Now, it seems that Dory is the one getting into trouble. Here’s what else we hope to see in the upcoming spin off from 2013’s animated adventure ‘Finding Nemo’.


Plot: Who and Why needs to be found?
Is it going to be Marlin and Nemo that go in search of Dory? Well maybe not, it seems that this time around is going to focus on finding Dory’s parents… But will Dory get lost in the process of doing so? If this is so, we think that the reason they need to find Dory will be innocent enough; that she goes for a swim in a new place, forgets where she is and joins a group of fish that take advantage of her sweet character. Also, seeing as William Dafoe is back as Gill, a tropical Moorish Idol fish that knows how to fight, this could mean that they might go to ‘war’ in order to save Dory… what do you think? And if this is the case, we think that they might enlist the help of Bruce the vegetarian Great White shark. Perhaps even her parents are trapped with a badass group of fish and need rescuing?


Clearly, it will start where we left off, on the Great Barrier Reef, but where will this adventure take us? We’ve already seen our fishy friends pass through deep-sea settings, they have ridden the East Australian Current (EAC) and have even crossed the open ocean. Will these places be revisited? We hope so. The turtles that were riding the EAC were fan favourites. Considering the idea of Dory or her parents being ‘taken’ by some bad fish, maybe we could see coral reef rivalry? And so, perhaps their reef is one that has been polluted by human waste, turning it into an unfriendly, uninhabitable place (just think the elephant graveyard in the Lion King). Ohh the drama.


New characters?
Well, we have already heard that Ty Burrell (of Modern Family Fame) is involved, voicing the part of a young Beluga whale. Also, Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy will be playing her parents, Jenny and Charlie. Can we assume that the young Beluga whale is going to lost, having been separated from their parents? I think so. And, as for the parents of Dory, can we expect that they will be just as quirky, forgetful and charming as their daughter? Or will we they be strict and cold towards Dory and her dippy lifestyle? We hope a mix of the both in order to cause some laughs but also to help ramp up the emotions.


Human involvement?
‘Finding Nemo’ involved humans from the get go. We can’t imagine that they will want to involve a similar story but we think that the affect of humans will be felt in this sequel to the original. In the original we saw humans hunting for fish and also the way that our presence has affected harbours etc. Maybe we will sense the presence of humans, this time around, through the way our development has destroyed natural sea habitats? Seeing as this wasn’t highlighted in ‘Finding Nemo’, maybe director Andrew Stanton’ is going to touch upon these issues with Dory? So, what do you think? We hope that some of our expectations and ‘Finding Dory’ wishes come true. you could say that we have high hopes…



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