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Costume Designers’ Gala: Who will win?

As fashion lovers we couldn’t help but make our bets on the Costume Design nominees for the Oscars 2011.

Costume Design is obviously if not the most fashionable category, the one that portrays the best skills in terms of attire. Lets take a look at the nominees and nominated movies. It will show us how this category walks on its one, exception made for the most nominated movie of the year “The King’s Speech”. 


“Alice in Wonderland” , nominee: Colleen Atwood, already nominated for an Academy Award numerous times for the movies “Chicago” in 2002, and “Memoirs of a Geisha” in 2006. 


“The King’s Speech”, nominee: Jenny Beavan, British Costume designer, has won an Academy Award for “A Room with a view”, and has been nominated eight times.


“I am Love” , nominee: Antonella Cannarozzi, Italian Costume Designer, first nomination.


“The Tempest” , nominee: Sandy Powell, British Costume Designer, already nominated for eight Academy Awards, three wins, “Shakespeare in Love” 1999, “The Aviator” 2005, “The Young Victoria” 2010. 

“True Grit” , nominee: Mary Zophres, first nomination, she often works with the Coen brothers. 


This leads us to a consideration: next time you go over your list, let yourself be marveled by the amazing work that these Costume Designers put in telling a story through the art-craft of garment making.


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