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Amore Mio
Flash Art Show

Fifty-five contemporary art exhibitions take over Milan at Palazzo del Ghiaccio, among them galleries and emerging artists from the NABA School.

“Amore Mio” was the title of a collective show organised by Bonito Oliva, one of the most important art critics in Italy, in Palazzo Ricci, Montepulciano, Tuscany, in 1970.

The collective exhibition wanted to prove that artists could challenge themselves with media they didn’t usually deal with.

The new project that bears the same name and that opens tomorrow, presented by NABA – New Academy of Belle Arti in Milano at the Flash Art Event will take place at Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Milan, from 8 till 10 of February. The Flash Art Event will feature 55 contemporary art exhibitions with free entrance. 

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Among these, Amore Mio, curated by Marcello Maloberti, Igor Muroni and Arianna Rosica, that looks back to that first experiment of Bonito Oliva to gather all the young artists selected from NABA students at the Painting and Visual art Triennial and the Sound Design Course. Any artistic language is admitted: visual, audio-visual, installations or performance.

 Art Installation, Photography, Art School, Emerging Artists, 

The Visual, Performative and Multimedia Art Department directed by Marco Scotini is a new NABA platform that includes the already existing fields of Visual Arts, Media Design and Set Design together with Visual art and Curatorial Studies Course, Film and New Media and Photography and Visual Design Masters. Over 500 students will focus on the multi-disciplines in order to learn and then display different media in the contemporary art field.

 Art Installation, Photography, Art School, Emerging Artists,Matteo Montagna’s work, Maria Grazia, 2012

Many the artists on display (find full list on NABA website).

Art Installation, Photography, Art School, Emerging Artists, 


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