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Tavi Became an Illustration: Katie Rodgers's Works

Marcus Kan, the blogger of 'à la mode', interviewed Katie Rodger, a creative talent in the world of illustrations... Her fashion illustrations are not only amazing but also very social media wise, how?

Well, she even did illustrations of bloggers like Tavi and Sea of Shoes. These two and more are available in the gallery. As for the interview, Marcus Kan from 'à la mode' presents...

PAPERFASHION is one of the fashion illustration blogs I read constantly because of Katie Rodgers’ (the founder of the blog) amazing fashion illustrations. Today, I am honored to present Katie Rodgers to the readers on Swide. 

 M: Hello Katie, thank you so much for letting me to feature you on Swide this week! Please tell me, what is the main reason why you want to become an illustrator? 

K: I have always had a love for illustration, it is just something I truly enjoy! During college, I became so in love with fashion, that I was constantly looking through runway shows, trying to catch up (which is impossible in fashion!). Ever since I started that, I've been hooked. I love the process of finding a great look, or creating my own and illustrating it. Sometimes illustration can bring such a unique visual aesthetic to fashion looks. I am so passionate about illustration, and don't think I'll ever be sick of it!

 M: I am glad you have decided to become a fashion illustrator or else I would not be able to see some amazing images created by you. What determines you to draw a particular fashion piece? Is there an elimination process? 

K: There isn't necessarily an elimination process to pieces I find to illustrate- it's based on my personal taste. Not necessarily what I would wear, but just fashion that instantly sparks with my mind, and are visually compelling. If something doesn't call to me right away, I don't illustrate it. 

M: It’s all about connection and I think every successful fashion illustrator has the ability to decide which fashion piece will work for his/her drawing style. So, out of all the works you have done so far, which piece is your favorite? Why?

K: I honestly don't really have a favorite. My mind can move forward so quickly, I often forget what I've done in the past. I just keep on going... without looking back! There's always something new and seemingly more captivating than the last. If I HAD to choose though... I would say one of these: Tavi + Bike, Viktor & Rolf and Poof Hair

 M: I like the above images, but I think the latest one you did for Swide is one of your best too! Now, let’s talk about Dolce & Gabbana. What adjectives will you use to describe Dolce & Gabbana's collections? 

K: I would say Dolce & Gabbana is very baroque in a sense. It's dramatic and bold at times. SS11 is a bit softer than some of the other seasons, but it still makes a very strong statement with the elaborate lace details. 

M: Yep, I think S/S 2011 collection is a bit softer than the previous collections but still, I am loving it. Finally, what would you love to see in the upcoming Dolce & Gabbana and D&G F/W 2011 collections?

K: I would love to see some bold colorful looks for FW2011. There's nothing better than a colorful, textured collection to illustrate!!


Credits: Katie RodgersMarcus Kan

Please visit 'à la mode' here. For Marcus Kan's other interviews, click here.

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