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Why Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana love Milan…

The two designers will be celebrating on 19th & 20th June, 20 years of Dolce&Gabbana menswear, on this occasion they will pay tribute to their beloved city, Milan; they are telling Swide why Milan is so special to them.

The Daniel Libeskind project,  Milan Expo 2015

A great fashion event is about to happen in Milan, the Dolce&Gabbana Man will turn 20 this weekend. In the past 20 years, Domenico and Stefano have revolutionised men’s fashion. Thanks to them the iconic Italian man combines sex appeal and sophistication. Their label is the ultimate reference for style and elegance.  

This anniversary is also about the very unique connection between the duo and Milan. On 19th June, an exhibition in Palazzo Marino (Piazza della Scala) will open to press, friends and family only; and on the following day, 20th June, it will be opened to the public. It is a gift to the city from the two designers as an ode to their 20 years spent in Milan designing menswear. To tell their fashion story, they have thought about the most advanced technology: interactivity and entertainment. Look forward to exclusive digital setups that will screen shows from the past 20 years. When the archives are unveiled thanks to technology, it is a treasure that becomes accessible.
Palazzo Marino will be a fashion pantheon for a weekend only and the symbol of future fashion memories.

1/ Since when have you been living in Milan? 

Domenico Dolce: I left Sicily and arrived in Milan when I was 20.

Stefano Gabbana: I was born and raised in Milan, so it is my hometown.


2/ Do you still love Milan? 

Domenico Dolce: Milan is a dynamic city so one has to love it in different ways. That is the beauty of it.


3/ Why do you want to pay tribute to Milan?

Stefano Gabbana: We have received so much from this city it seems now to be the right time to give back. Fortunate or talented, Milan gave us room for creativity and for our company to set up and grow. In a word, we made it here!


4/  is Milan the capital of Made in Italy

Domenico Dolce: Yes, fashion and design are here.

Stefano Gabbana: Made in Italy covers the whole country, it is about our national unique crafmanship so it is to be found everywhere from Sicily up to the North. Milan is where these crafts are used to showcase creativity. In that sense Milan can be considered as the capital of Made in Italy.


 5/ What are the cities legendary spots?

Domenico Dolce: San Siro Stadium. I love going to the stadium and feeling the very special football atmosphere in Milan.

Stefano Gabbana: Some of the best Italian restaurants are in Milan. There is Plastic, it is a small illustrious club where I enjoy meeting with friends.


 6/ Is Milan a city of glamour?

Domenico Dolce: Milan has its own style, it’s not about glamour only but about fashion. To us it is a fundamental place for observation.


7/ Do you think that the World Expo in 2015 will be a good opportunity for Milan?

Stefano Gabbana: It will be definitely a great opportunity for the city of Milan. The World Expo should bring some cool happenings around; in Milan we know how to have some great fun!

Interview and text by Giuliano Federico.


To read more on Swide about the Milan 2015 World Expo: Swide.com/luxury-magazine/See-Milan-in-the-year-2015/

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