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POP and LOVE magazine go crazy over Tavi

So who exactly is Tavi, featured on the pages of Katie Grand’s Love Magazine and Dasha Zukova’s first POP magazine coverstar? Why a 13 year blogger of course…

Describing herself as a “tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats”, she sure must be doing something else besides this as two of the U.K’s leading style magazines opted to feature the blogging sensation and is certainly living up to her blog name

In a world of edited sound bites, there’s nothing like a fresh eye on fashion, something that dare we say it, the world misses occasionally from the jaded fashion pack. Respite has come in the form of Tavi’s brilliant sound bites. In a post on the latest issue of Harper‘s Bazaar US posted today – Tavi dissects the magazine with a sensible innocence, that will ensure marketing departments everywhere will have her on speed dial soon.

New Pieces You’ll Love Forever” – the title sounds like another SHOP YOUR CLOSET BE A RECESSIONISTA! piece (though that is in another part of the issue) but it is IN FACT something TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Buy classics!” I have not read the article, which I probably should if I’m going to criticize it, but I know I am not going to spend $3,000 on a trench coat because it’s a “classic,” or, something everyone else has, and if this article was written for the average American woman, I’m not sure if she will, either.

Urban Chic” Really? Still? We’re still talking about Urban Chic? The whole shoot is kind of bland and I feel bad that the model had to work with such a boring setting.”

Plus it doesn’t stop there, on the grande dame of fashion Suzy Menkes: “…Suzy Menkes seems like she would be very fun to bake cookies with, or comb bangs with, or something.”

Ordinarily anyone who posted such criticism about the fashion world, would be considered jaded, last season and shunned by the fashion establishment, however but comments such as the one to follow are perhaps her saving grace, and may even give the fashion world a conscience, just don’t expect adult-like behaviour any time soon.


Kerry Olsen

Source & Photo Credit: Tavi

Other Photo Credits: Love Magazine & Pop Magazine


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