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Madonna: Life imitating art

Madonna is known for her canny ability to tap into underground trends and take them mainstream. Swide takes a look at how her latest album cover by street artist Mr.Brainwash is capturing the voice of the street.

Street artist Mr Brainwash is the man behind Madonna's latest album cover. In this fascinating video above - Carson Daly interviews the artist in his studio as he discusses his first solo show, 'Life is Beautiful' in L.A in June (7,000 people attended in one night), and reveals how Banksy helped him plan his future. Watch-out for Madonna's artwork hung in the background.

 Mr. Brainwash has actually spent the last nine years attempting to make the ultimate documentary about graffiti art. It was when filming the world’s most renowned street artists at work that he put his aside and started to make art of his own - the rest, as they say, is history.

As if tapping into the zeitgeist Madonna's latest album cover ironically found it's roots on the streets and has returned with homage’s to Madonna, and her album cover springing up around the world. If Madonna weren't a world-famous superstar we imagine she's be one hell of a marketing manager.

See more from Madonna and her latest single Celebration at www.swide.com//Madonna--The-new-Celebration-video

and www.swide.com/Madonna--Stefano---Domenico--The-beginning.

www.madonna.com. Try putting your own face on Madonna's latest cover by clicking on celebrate.madonna.com.

Kerry Olsen

Source: Mr Brainwash and www.bpmmagazine.net

Photo Credits: Mr Brainwash and Warner Bros Music

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