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House of Card Show no signs of falling down

House of Card Australian sustainable design for events

Promoting more than just innovative Australian design, House of Card is the sustainable house that is going to be a hit on the festival circuit this year. Swide takes a look.

 House of Card Australian sustainable design for events

Australia’s House of Card is taking green thinking to another level, offering a sustainable ‘house’ made of entirely recyclable materials to like-minded artisanal brands. Already a hit with food and beverage brands that they’ve partnered with, House of Card is a celebration of Australian taste, aesthetic, style and design, calling out to artisan brands that are looking for a way to showcase their brand at events with a spin on the platforms from which they do it.

 House of Card Australian sustainable design for events

House of Card Australian sustainable design for events

Made of entirely recyclable cardboard, plywood and shipping pallets, House of Card was designed by architects in Melbourne as disaster relief housing, forward thinking entrepreneur and founder Georgia Hopkins saw potential in the House of Card and wanted to showcase these portable structures in other ways.

This year has already seen the House of Card collaboration popupdownundercoffee, which is a partnership between Sounds Australia and Longshot Coffee that set up camp at SXSW Texas, providing visitors with design, sound and brand innovation in one.  Needless to say it was a hit with punters, both those looking for something quirky and those who are interested in sustainable green innovation and Georgia Hopkins’ concept certainly ticks all the boxes. Sometimes sustainable design gets a bad rep and people are quick to congratulate the ethos behind it but very few buy into it, opting for something more established and recognisable.

House of Card is the perfect platform for fresh thinking small businesses and artisans alike that share similar values with regards to design and sustainability. It’s the brainchild of Georgia Hopkins, the founder of house of card. Hopkins is University of Melbourne alumna and her love of life, travel, people and music led her to leaving her corporate broking career at Morgan Stanley in Sydney Australia at the beginning of 2012, and spend the following 12 months traveling the world, collecting inspiration for house of card… time well spent, I think you’ll agree.

We love the design here at Swide but the question is how well it would fair at the notorious festivals around the world, particularly those in the UK, where the weather is slightly more on the wet side. House of Card raincoats may be in order. Lucky that this little wonder has been blessed with sunny exposure in Australia and the hot heat of Texas. Joking aside, what Hopkins has created is sure to be a hit on the festival and event circuits this year and for many more in the future.


For more about House of Card, click here.

 Credits – The Creative & The Planner


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