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No sex in the city: Is this what
women want?

No sex and the city

For centuries men and women have been together only when literally under the same roof. Nowadays women seem to want to prove their equality by segregating themselves from men on purpose.

The concept of gentlemen clubs where men could be men and talk about things that men talk about is an old one, and perhaps a natural succession of when schools were single sex establishments, and universities were well, men only places. These gentlemen clubs have, for a while now opened their doors to women members and guests.  The tradition of men getting up from the dinner table and going to the smoking room to discuss business and god knows what else while the women were left behind in the parlour should have been all but forgotten.


It seems however that some women are looking to bring this trailing Victorian division of men and women into the 21st century social sphere. In London there seems to be a new trend: women only clubs and restaurants. Grace Belgravia, a women’s only club seems to be quite popular in this posh borough, while ex Rugby player KC Gates is looking to transoms Sofakingcool in Soho into a women only restaurant.  I’m not talking about lesbian bars, just clubs where women, regardless their sexual orientation, profession, nationality or religion can hang out together.

Hang out together and do what you ask? Simple, it seems that what these clubs and restaurants are looking to do is give women an environment free of sexual predators, where networking amongst the same sex, hanging out, drinking, gossiping and eating (small female appetite portions- not huge mans sized main courses) is possible.

But aren’t women doing this already in mixed environments? Well, I for one am, and don’t feel in any way threatened by the presence of men, who after all are doing the same, and also i’m definitely not daunted by the portions I am offered at dinner. Still, this article is not about me.

Women seem to be wanting to “prove” they are a social force by what I believe to be following in the steps of men, who historically have excluded women for reasons not much different from the ones quoted today by the restaurateurs and club owners of these women only environments.


I also find it almost farcical that in free and democratic societies like the UK and the States, where these clubs seem to be most popular, women protest on the streets for equal rights for women who are secluded, segregated and considered second class citizens in the rest of the world, while at home they choose to cut themselves off from that idyllic mixed society they are militant to see in other countries.

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