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China may be opening up to the family

Is it really time for China to reconsider their one child policy

Is it really time for China to reconsider their one child policy?

A study conducted by an Australian team of researches, published on the journal Science has highlighted the socializing difficulties encountered by Chinese thirty somethings. The study assesses behavioural and personality traits of children born before 1979 (the year China imposed the 1 child per urban family law) and after. Adults born after 1979 demonstrate a significant reluctance in taking risks, are less trusting and are less competitive than their peers form other countries.

China is currently rethinking the one child policy, and the study is certainly being taken into account. Globalization means competition between countries for jobs and resources, and it’s important for the Chinese work force to be competitive, not just on an academic level, Chinese universities have improved by leaps and bounds recently due to huge investment in education, but also as people.

Freedom is a bastion of democracy and of the modern world today, and the fact that China is considering allowing fertility freedom to its population is a real turning point for this future super power.

The reasons behind imposing the one child policy were ten fold, none least economic, however with the sky rocketing Chinese economy today, many of the original concerns should not apply.

I think that all of us, as contemporary citizens of this world, should support China in these very interesting times for the country and its families and encourage Chinese government to take care of the quality of life of Chinese family nuclei.

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