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Top 5 Christmas Fail gifs and videos

Top 5 Christmas fail gif and video including drunk santa and trust game fail

Here are 5 of the top Christmas Fail Gifs that you can find on the internet, perfect for your coffee break. From drunk Santa to kids falling over… enjoy.

This is a no brainer. Have you got 5 minutes spare? Looking for a cheap laugh? Well, here are 5 of the Top Christmas Fail Gifs and Videos that you can get your hands on. Each selection comes with a Gif and the original video, so you have the choice of how you want to share your favourite. 

Drunk Santa in parking lotWe’ve all seen a tipsy grandfather or dad playing the role of Father Christmas, at least once. But nothing quite compares to this drunken delight.


Santa Dropping inJust how does Santa fit down that Christmas tree? Well, who says that’s the fastest way to drop the presents off?


And then there’s this drinking gameEven though this is clearly set up… it’s unexpected. 


Festive games can also bring about unfortunate consequences…


Kids falling over should never be laughed at… then why the hell is it impossible to watch this one without doing so? Going to hell. 


And, okay, this isn’t a Gif but this video of Brighton, England, and the city’s 2012 Christmas illuminations is fantastic.

Brighton Christmas Lights


Happy Holidays

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