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3 songs to… create a calmer Christmas mood

Three songs for a calmer Christmas

Feeling the stress of Christmas? Looking for something a little quieter? Well, Mood Swings can empathise with your situation, not wanting to annoy the ‘older generation’.

Christmas is just behind the corner, which probably means you're about to be the victim of or participate in a family invasion: you'll be forced to live in limited space with people you see a few times a year, which can create some serious issues…especially if, like me, you like your music loud.

Grandpa probably won't be thrilled if you're listening to moombathon all day, and your aunt is most likely not a fan of Boys Noize.

Over the past few years, given my job, I have started gifting a playlist of mine to my family members (cheap and effective!), custom made for each person. So here's three songs that you can put on your mum's iTunes this Christmas and be certain that everyone will love them.

First of all, many thanks to Paul Anka for his "Rock Swings album": it gives us all the opportunity to sing along to some of the best rock/grunge/new wave hits out there, and Grandpa will nod along, unawares!

Paul Anka – Black Hole Sun


Eugene McGuinness, who published his new album a few months ago, is a truly talented songwriter and is bound to give you all a warm, fuzzy feeling with this ballad of his:

Eugene McGuinness


Mum and dad are probably going to love the likes of Adele, Florence & The Machine (but they might scream a bit too much) or Lana del Rey (but she does swear), but just in case you're desperate you cannot go wrong with Lykke Li: her angelic vocals and poised attitude will get everyone tapping their foot.

Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance


 Written by Andrea Ratti
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