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Welcome to the
Year of the Horse!

Chinese Zodiac 2014, year of the horse: read horoscope and characteristics of your sign

Another year has passed, and 2014 in Chinese Astrology is the year of the Horse. What will the year bring, and what are the characteristics of those born under this sign?

Chinese Zodiac 2014, year of the horse: read horoscope and characteristics of your sign2014 sees the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse, as the protagonist. While the Chinese Zodiac is very different from the Western one, we see some characteristic that overlap, and many lie in the qualities of the archetypal personalities associated with people born under the same sign. SO, what is the Horse like?

A Horse has an enthusiastic, independent and impulsive approach to life. At times, the Horse can be truly untamed, looking to explore new interests at a whim. It is this adventurous personality that makes those born under the Horse sign so prone to boredom in the face of routine. Although impulsive, the Horse is not without a quick, clever mind, which can be witnessed in their innate whit and charm. The Horse always has their own success in mind and can be very stubborn in the pursuit of their goals.

Those born under the Horse sign tend to be naturally social and extroverted, and are often natural performers while the varied interests of the Horse make them quick learners and well equipped to be successful in a variety of careers. When it comes to their personal life, Horses are slow to commit, but can find happiness in a passionate and committed relationship. In love, the Horse needs its freedom and their partner needs to trust that the Horse will always return to their “stable”.

The natural pairs for the Horse are the Dog and the Tiger. The Horse and the Dog’s compatibility lies in their shared outgoing and adventurous personality. Similarly, it is the shared positivity and loyalty of the Horse and Tiger that can translate into a successful, long-lasting relationship. The Horse’s worst natural pair is the Rat. The two signs have opposite interests and goals in life, which makes a partnership between the two difficult.

The Dragon and Horse are auspicious symbols in Chinese culture. There’s a saying that the best runner (flyer) in the sky is the Dragon, while the Horse is the best “runner” on the ground. The animal and the mythological creature enjoy almost equal stature in Chinese culture.

The Horse is a symbol of traveling, competition and victory. That’s why Horse is connected to speedy success in China. For those born on the year of the horse, they will encounter the Year of Birth (Benming Nian). It is believed they will offend Taisui, the god in charge of fortune, so their finances may fluctuate. In terms of career, it is advised to keep the peace between colleagues.

Chinese Zodiac 2014, year of the horse: read horoscope and characteristics of your sign

For those not born on a horse year, the year ahead will bring health and prosperity. It is said to be an excellent time to travel, as the next 12 months will bring good luck. You are advised to mingle with the locals, savour authentic cuisine and discover somewhere you have never been before.

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