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Like shaking hands with a wet lettuce

ben's problem

What’s the problem? This week’s guy is getting ready to do a couple of job interviews but her is already getting nervous about the thought of being nervous… say what?

Q: So, I’m gearing up for a couple of big interviews but I’m already starting to panic about the unavoidable nerves that are coming my way.

I know it’s common but I feel that my problem is way out of control… I’m talking about sweaty palms.

There is nothing worse than knowing that the person/people that interview me will instantly regret shaking my hand, because I can’t grip a biro pen let alone an open hand.

Of course, other areas also suffer and I have tried the obvious pockets full of emergency tissues and other quick thinking solutions but I need something a bit more enduring.

Any ideas?

Agony Uncle Ben Taylor conquering job nerves and sweaty palm solutions including botox

A: Ohhh I’ve shaken a sweaty palm or two and seen fellow students at uni ruin their notes with their dripping hands. I feel your pain.

So, you say that you’ve various obvious solutions like emergency tissues and, I assume, trouser wiping. Well, what about alcohol-based hand sanitizer? Not only will you palms be germ free for your prospective employer, but the alcohol temporarily dries the hands and will give you around 30secs in which you can shake the HELL out of employers hands.

Not working for you?  Then talcum powder will do the trick and make them smell gorgeous. A sure winner with a room full of suits.

If you are not overly active, which I don’t think you are, then you could look into using anticholinergics that help stop sweating as a side effect… doctors also prescribe them to those who suffer from excessive sweating in the palms.

If you are super serious about this and don’t mind having a pair of hands that resemble the faces of many A-List Hollywood female celebrities, then you should try botox. This will block the nerves that produce sweat and will receive compliments for how smooth and expressionless them are. A winner and could come in handy for games of poker.

So what do you say? What’s your method of sweaty palm redemption?



What’s your problem? They come in all shapes and sizes and, although our Agony Uncle Ben Taylor isn’t necessarily qualified to give you sound advice, he loves to do it.

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