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30th SEPTEMBER 2011
In bed with Spiga2: The Video by Ben Taylor

Spiga2 hosted a party to remember during Milan's SS12 Women's Fashion Week. Beds draped in beautiful young things dotted the boutique and those that indulge in the glitz and glamour of fashion were entertained by the pulsing beats of Appaloosa, who played during the style kissed evening.

Magdalena Frackowiak is precious in Vogue Paris Oct'11 by Ben Taylor

Polish model, Magdalena Frackowiak, can be found adding an extra something to the pages of Vogue Paris Oct'11, laced in jewels, diamonds, crystals and stars, showing us that she really has got that je ne sais quoi.

Nike has finally done it. Back to the Future sneakers by Ben Taylor

22 years after we saw the self-lacing sneakers of the future shrink down to size around the foot of Michael J Fox's legendary character, Marty McFly, in Back to the Future II, Nike has finally released the much sought after footwear; The Nike Mag.

29th SEPTEMBER 2011
Neon Indian: Nostalgia tinged Retro Futurism by Ben Taylor

Neon Indian is making waves this Autumn and with the release of the new LP, Era Extraña, combined with the positive reaction they received for their 2009's debut effort Psychic Chasms, I think we are going to be hearing a lot more from this band.

The many looks of Elbio Bonsaglio by Ben Taylor

Italian model Elbio Bonsaglio let us keep the cameras rolling during a recent shoot and impressed us with just how many looks a man can wear. Then again, when someone looks as good as Elbio it isn't hard to dress to impress.

Justin Bieber: Best-dressed and the best boyf by Ben Taylor

Justin Bieber has admirers, millions of them, but it is Selena Gomez who makes the young man tick. Bieber was in the mood to surprise Miss. Gomez with a date… at Staple’s Center, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers. Gentlemen, I advise you take notes!

FaceBOOK: No Facebook Diary by Swide Team

Zuckerberg & I seem to inhabit one mind. As I was trying to see the archive-like interest of my profile (&that of others), here he geeks out with a whole new F8 that introduces the timeline. Our timeline.

28th SEPTEMBER 2011
Pat McGrath shares her make up tips for a 50s look by Valentina Zannoni

The beautiful Valerija Sestic is transformed into a 50s siren by the expert hands of make up artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath for the Dolce&Gabbana SS12 show

Same difference: Kylie and Leighton by Valentina Zannoni

True to the Dolce&Gabbana beliefs, Leighton Meester and Kylie Minogue exemplify the versatile qualities of animalier. Both ladies were spotted wearing a mini leaopard print dress in black and white from the F/W11 collection.

Boys in love with shoes by Valentina Zannoni

A preview of the fashion spread styled by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, shot by Giampaolo Sgura for Magazine Antidote.

Leighton Meester: Queen of Gossip World by Valentina Zannoni

In honour of the 5th season of the teen sensation TV series Gossip Girl, we thought we’d pay homage Leighton Meester, alias Blair Waldorf, and her innate sense of style, both on and off set.

27th SEPTEMBER 2011
Stylish suggestions for Paris Fashion Week by Valentina Zannoni

Make the Paris boulevards your very own catwalk this year.

Paris fashion week: the top 10 oysters spots by Elisa della Barba

You can finally indulge yourself once again with oysters: here is where to taste the best ones you can find in the Ville Lumiere.

26th SEPTEMBER 2011
Paris fashion week: oysters guide by Elisa della Barba

For aficionados and beginners, a quick guide to French oysters' world.

Italian fashion meets Italian food: the recipes…to be glamour by Elisa della Barba

From Dolce&Gabbana dresses’ prints to the table. Eggplants, zucchini, onions, tomatoes: here is why food, in fashion, matters.

celebrities @dolcegabbana ss2012show by Ben Taylor

Scarlett Johansson, Felicity Jones, Poppy Delevigne, Paloma Faith, Lynn Xiong, Beppe Fiorello, Francesco Scianna, Filippo Nigro, Carolina Crescentini, Cristiana Capotondi, Gabriella Pession, Bianca Brandolini d’Adda, Chiara Francini, Martina Stella, Michela Quattrociocche, Brenno and Michelangelo Placido, Thomas Trabacchi, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Filippo Pucillo and Marika Pellegrinelli attended the Summer 2012 Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Show in Milan.

25th SEPTEMBER 2011
Meet Emily, Alejandra and Kate... through my eyes by Ben Taylor

My mission was this; Go backstage at the Dolce&Gabbana women’s SS12 fashion show and profile three of the most up and coming talents in fashion world. Easy… what do you think?

Mambo Italiano Anyone? SS12 Meet the Movie by Swide Team

Italian cinematography teaches us that to be sexy you need to be exuberant, fun, passionate, and shake those curves without too many “scusi”. Dino Risi’s Scandal in Sorrento starring Sofia Loren inspires Dolce&Gabbana’s SS12 Collection.

What the lomography is going on? by Swide Team

Kristin Knox from Clothes Whisper, Denni Elias from Chicmuse, Ingrid from The Bag Hag Diaries, Gala Gonzalez from Amlul, Caroline from Caroline Daily, Susie from Stylebubble and Pelayo from Kate Loves Me were all busy with their lomography cameras at the Dolce&Gabbana SS 12 Show at Metropol... What the lomography were they doing?

24th SEPTEMBER 2011
Politically Incorrect: The World of Vibrators by Swide Team

You might ask why politics and vibrators appear in a single sentence. Our mini-laundrette service has to do with more than cleaning up some sexy lingerie. We like to dig into what's real.

23th SEPTEMBER 2011
Mood Swings: Indoors by Ben Taylor

It would be too easy and unimaginative to write about fashion this week, so I thought I’d try a new approach and write about a totally unexplored and new theme, i.e. the weather.

Invitation to the Dolce & Gabbana Womenswear S/S12 Fashion Show by Valentina Zannoni

Postcards from Sicily? When this invitation landed on our desk at Swide we were literally giddy with excitement.

22th SEPTEMBER 2011
Watch the D&G Womenswear S/S12 Video by Valentina Zannoni

Sexy yet playful, vintage yet contemporary, this is the D&G woman for S/S 12.

#D&G! Trending Worldwide on Twitter by Ben Taylor

It's true what they say, hard work really does pay off, and backstage at the D&G Women's SS12 this mantra became a reality. During the hustle and bustle of the fashion show it was apparent that on Twitter we were tweeting, being re-tweeted, DM'd and mentioned!

Adopt a word before it Dies by Swide Team

We are well aware of the fact that the less words we use, the more we keep on with the times. Tweet me, cut, create, so much like 1984's Oceania's new language Ingsoc: it's scary. Learn more about this endangered species..

21th SEPTEMBER 2011
Pre-Show Diaries: D&G Womenswear S/S12 by Massimo Di Felice

The D&G SS12 Womenswear show is quickly approaching: the first thing we want to know is the mood. We show you just enough not to ruin the surprise for when the gorgeous models take over.

Taylor Lautner gets abducted... no, not by a fan. by Ben Taylor

The Twilight Saga is coming to an end and three of the world's hottest heart throbs will be leaving each others' pockets and moving on to bigger things. So, what will they do? Well Lautner has only gone and got himself kidnapped in Abduction.

Lei e le altre, women’s magazine retrospective in Milan by Ben Taylor

"Lei e le altre". "She and the others". We are not talking about the latest Italian dramatic film.  Today's story is about magazines and women. "Lei" (the Italian for "She"), was one of the first Italian women's magazine published by Rizzoli in the early 30s, and “le altre” (the others) are all the publications that has been seen around during the last century - and that are composing a special exhibition  launched a few days ago here in Milan.

Nicole Scherzinger mimics Britney by Ben Taylor

The Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger was a guest on Conan O'brien's couch this week and got the hearts of many men racing and also revealed an impersonation that had caught the attention of her fellow X Factor judges...

Italy for foodies: where to eat in Friuli Venezia Giulia by Elisa della Barba

When it comes to pick a restaurant during your trips, it’s always hard. It’s even harder if you are in Italy, the land of great food and wine. A selection of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s best spots for your no-stress foodie vacation.

Invitation to the D&G Womenswear S/S 12 Fashion Show by Valentina Zannoni

Its that time of year again: the leaves are changing colour, the scarves are being pulled from your cupboard… It can mean only one thing: Milan Fashion Week is upon us.

20th SEPTEMBER 2011
SAVE THE DATE: In Bed With Spiga2 by Ben Taylor

During #MFW, on September 22nd, there’s going to be an ‘intimate’ event at Spiga2 Store in Milan. Appaloosa will have their own bed for a Live Music performance at 8pm.

Katy is on a Mission by Valentina Zannoni

Kathleen Brien, known as Katy B, is the latest female voice to break through the ranks of the iconic British music scene.

Simply Unstoppable- Tinie Tempah’s sky rocketing success by Valentina Zannoni

Tinie Tempah is one of the most well known male protagonists of the Grime music scene in the UK.

The street photography of Katsu Naito by Ben Taylor

Japanese born Katsu Naito has been experimenting with photography and documenting different walks of life through his lens. He revealed his first international exhibition this September in London and has been catching the attention of photographers alike, and then some.

19th SEPTEMBER 2011
Stylish suggestions for Milan Fashion Week. by Massimo Di Felice

Milan Fashion Week is always a stress, meetings, fashion shows, parties…. And lots of outfit planning. Let us here at Swide give you advice on how to work the Dolce&Gabbana F/W12 trends for Fashion Week to ensure your fashion week goes smoothly, at least from an outfit viewpoint- as unfortunately we can’t do anything about the traffic.

Nirvana. Nevermind 20th Anniversary Exhibition by Ben Taylor

London has been awash with the loyal fans of Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain, where an exhibition that is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Grunge outfit's album Nevermind, which helped define a genre and a generation is currently on show this month.

What's Yuri Ahn Wearing for #MFW? by Massimo Di Felice

Yuri Ahn invited me to her house this Saturday as she was confused about what to wear for the Dolce&Gabbana show on September 25th.

Matthew McConaughey is Killer Joe by Ben Taylor

The Hollywood hunk turns hitman-for-hire in his latest silver screen outing, Killer Joe, which is directed by legendary William Friedkin and is causing some excitement amongst the critics.

18th SEPTEMBER 2011
Tracing Mix and Matching through the Dolce&Gabbana archives by Valentina Zannoni

Dolce&Gabbana’s Imaginarium: prints, animalier, colour, texture, lace: a triumphal collage of the brand’s made in Italy style.

Triathlon- A celebrity fitness craze by Valentina Zannoni

JLo does it, Jenson Button does it, Matthew McConaughey does it and even Pippa Midddleton does it.

I Be A Blogger Po(o)r Dolce & Gabbana by Swide Team

Time to do some dirty laundry action. Everyone has skeletons in their closets, we have bloggers who have seen the light. Meaning they stood under their own safety torch that works with batteries.

17th SEPTEMBER 2011
ClickClacks: Back in Fashion by Swide Team

When the fashion editor of, Yuri Ahn, returned from her New York trip, she didn't come empty-handed to the office but with a small black velvet drawstring bag.

Andrea Preti tells us how he maintains THAT body. by Ben Taylor

Andrea Preti invites us to one of his Dolce&Gabbana shoots and gives us a sneak peek into his pre-shoot routine and also shares some of his body secrets. But when you're in demand like Andrea is, a 5 minute chat is never easy...

Laura Laine’s fashion illustration works by Ben Taylor

Whimsical, playful and edgy are the words I can use to describe Laura Laine’s fashion illustration works. Her fashion illustrations have been shown in many fashion magazines and today, I am lucky to have the chance to showcase her works and ask her some questions on Swide this week.

16th SEPTEMBER 2011
Today’s superwomen- how do they do it? by Valentina Zannoni

The trials of being a modern woman are well documented, in both fiction and real life. The latest movie to come out of this genre chronicles the life of a working mother played by Dolce&Gabbana favourite Sarah Jessica Parker.

Mood Swings: LMAO by Ben Taylor

This week our Mood Swing columnist, Andrea Ratti, struggles with web and text language infiltrating the language of everyday life and he certainly isn't LOLING

A lipstick with a glossy centre: Passion Duo by Valentina Zannoni

The ultimate treat for your lips: Dolce&Gabbana launch the first ever lipstick and gloss combo, with both products in the same stick.

Felicity Jones: True vintage beauty captured by youth by Ben Taylor

We have been aware of rising star, Felicity Jones, for some years now, but this year saw her shine brighter than before when she won a special Jury Prize for Like Crazy. Swide’s Ben Taylor wanted to know more! From her debut days on TV to the silver screen…

15th SEPTEMBER 2011
Prince Pelayo's Video Diary by Justin Wu by Swide Team

Kate loves her, Swide loves her, and so do his fans in the blogosphere. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the Dolce&Gabbana show and the David Gandy book launch from his perspective? Here's Pelayo Diaz's video diary shot by the acclaimed videomaker Justin Wu.

Stumbling on a Book at Mantova's Literature Festival by Swide Team

On the holy month of the most important fashion weeks, squeezed somewhere in there, a very important literary event took place in one of the jewels of Italy, Mantova. We asked why one should put this event on the calendar.

Boys Will Be Boys & Girls Can Be Boys by Swide Team

No. 646 in a limited series - Upon drastic shortage of dresses in the year 2012, women resorted to their male friends' wardrobes. The result was smashing. It was the beginning of a new trend.

14th SEPTEMBER 2011
Plaid - 35 Summers. The Mesmerising Nightmare by Ben Taylor

Plaid, electronic duo from London, are gearing up for the release of their latest LP, September 26th, and to tantalize your taste buds I wanted to present the video that accompanied single 35 Summers, which was released during August. This is truly a beautiful nightmare.

VIDEO: Katelovesme's Pelayo Diaz On Digital Media by Swide Team

Pelayo Diaz, the famous blogger from Kate Loves Me, talks about digital media and how it changed the way we communicate to Swide.

13th SEPTEMBER 2011
Bellucci like Balzac- Modesty is the conscience of the Body by Valentina Zannoni

In the lead up to the Venice Film Festival the media and red blooded males the world over where buzzing over the latest “scandalous” cinematographic endeavours of the very beautiful Monica Bellucci. However, much to the dismay of the press and the actress’ voyeuristic fans, the nude scenes in Un Eté Brûlant were more lukewarm than piping hot.

Beyoncé in NYC with Jay-Z by Ben Taylor

The world were in awe during the moment when Beyoncé unbuttoned her Dolce&Gabbana blazer to reveal her baby bump, which became the performance of a life time. It was simply sensational. She was seen looking as radiant as ever during a day out with her husband, Jay-Z.

Mr Dolce, Mr Gabbana and Mr Sgura for Antidote by Ben Taylor

Dolce and Gabbana has displayed a talent for many of the facets related to fashion; their latest exploit is in fashion styling. The duo's intuition and patronage for new talent has brought them to collaborate with a new French magazine called Antidote and with the newest recruit to the Olympus of fashion photography: Giampaolo Sgura.

12th SEPTEMBER 2011
This Autumn be Printastic! by Massimo Di Felice

D&G has gone print crazy this autumn, and the results are printastic- big, bold and beautiful. In a season where contrasts are de rigueur, the D&G girl is faced with two choices: girly and pretty or sexy and gritty. Which one will you go for?

A Friday Night With a Difference… by Valentina Zannoni

Last Friday night I swapped my high heels for a pair of hightops and headed to San Siro to watch the opening match of this year’s Serie A, Milan-Lazio.

Spiga2 Hall of Fame FW 2012 by Swide Team

It's getting bigger & greater: what's in store for FW at Spiga2? Who are the (42) designers that were spotted entry? Get the trends, but first discover the brands.

Clare Maguire & Pixie Lott - the stage starlets by Ben Taylor

With the music festival season grinding to a stop, the stars are soaking up as many sounds and as much sun before as possible it is too late. Clare Maguire and Pixie Lott have been firm favourites on the stage this Summer and it doesn't seem like they'll be stopping any time soon.

Swide celebrates one year of SPIGA2 by Ben Taylor

We all love a birthday bash and the feeling of love that you’re showered with from those close to you. That is exactly what we want to do today to celebrate the one year anniversary of Dolce&Gabbana's boutique SPIGA2 and to do so we have a surprise...

11th SEPTEMBER 2011
Milan Mens SS12 by Andrea Ravieli & Enrico Costantini by Ben Taylor

When up-and-coming fashion video director, Luca Finotti, was handed a digital video camera and asked to view the contents, little did he know that he was going to watching the result of what happened when The New Dolce Vita came to the Dolce&Gabbana Mens SS12 fashion show. From invite to fashion show to party - experience the fashion show through the eyes of The New Dolce Vita...

10th SEPTEMBER 2011
Taste of Milano: the Top Restaurants Festival by Elisa della Barba

What is the idea of Paradise for a foodie? The best restaurants you can find in your city reunited in one place so that you can taste the best of their dishes in one day. Well, Taste of Milano is what we were all dreaming of...

Glamorous Introduction into Music by Swide Team

I decided I could use my free time in Milan and start reading a bit. I'm not a novella type of girl so I opted for Dolce&Gabbana's Music book to get a better understanding how much importance the designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana gives to music.

9th SEPTEMBER 2011
The long legs of Gisela Balestrini by Ben Taylor

Gisela Balestrini is a fashion illustrator who has created a unique style for all her girls. The girls she illustrated all have one specific characteristic: they all have unproportional long legs. If you want to understand why she likes to create this image of a woman, you will have to read the following interview I have with her. Swide readers, today I present you Gisela Balestrini.

Backstage Interview: The Naked and Famous by Ben Taylor

I headed backstage to speak to Alisa Xayalith, the leading lady of The Naked and Famous, at Circolo Magnolia, in Milano, before the band set the stage alight with their almighty sound that got the venue crying out for more and confirmed my love for 'New Zealand's most famous band'.

Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation- Goodbye airbrushing by Massimo Di Felice

Summer is at its end, and so is the luxury of a radiant, youthful, healthy skin without much makeup. Do not fear, Dolce& Gabbana’s Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation is here.

The Dolce & Gabbana Boutique, NY, hits Bieber Pitch by Ben Taylor

Rumours that there was going to be a very special guest at this year's Vogue Fashion's Night Out event taking place at the Dolce&Gabbana Boutique on Madison Avenue and 69th Street were being passed around. Who was it going to be? Which star was going to make an appearance? Well, it appears someone leaked the news.

Mood Swings: Fashion Riots by Ben Taylor

To come back from the holidays and finding the Vogue Fashion Night Out is probably more stressful than coming back and discovering your house has been robbed.

Kylie Minogue: Theatre is inspiring and terrifying by Ben Taylor

The GQ Men of Year 2011 awards was a hot topic this week; the winners, the performers and the throngs of handsome hunks that turned up to take part in the proceedings. But, it wasn’t just the men who were getting attention… enter Kylie Minogue, who has a musical in the making

Justin Bieber Craze in Dolce & Gabbana's #VFNO in New York by Swide Team

From Usher to Anna Wintour, Dolce & Gabbana's #VFNO event in New York was packed with A-list celebrities. Yet when it came to the young generation, the star was nobody but Justin Bieber.

8th SEPTEMBER 2011
David Gandy's Spicy Interview. by Ben Taylor

Our columnist Mondo Trasho has asked the questions that we have always wanted to ask David Gandy.She doesn't want to know about his favourite colour, where he grew up or what he likes to eat when he is relaxing, no no. She is far more interested in what goes on between the sheets... and aren't we all? THANK YOU Mondo Trasho.

Tonight, The Glee Cast are in Fashion by Ben Taylor

If you weren't already aware, tonight, the 8th September, sees the world's fashion capitals welcome the rich and the beautiful to soak up the glitz, glamour and grandeur of Vogue's Fashion Night Out. To celebrate Glee have released a video for the global event, as if you didn't know. And... in the words of Sue Sylvester, 'I just LOVE fashion!'.

Justin Bieber for Dolce & Gabbana's #VFNO in New York by Swide Team

The mystery of the term 'special host' on the Dolce&Gabbana's VFN New York invitation is finally revealed: Justin Bieber. The night will celebrate the concept 'passion duo' behind the new lipstick line. Last but not least, Scooter will be there too.

Thanks G. Orwell for Helping me Quit by Swide Team

We are all familiar with George Orwell's 1984. If we didn't read it, we are at least conscious of the fact that he is the inventor of Big Brother. To me, George is the dear friend who helped me quit smoking.

7th SEPTEMBER 2011
Suddenly Seeking Cider by Elisa della Barba

It’s not too alcoholic, it contains many antioxidants, a lot of calcium and potassium and it’s are the reasons why cider should be on your table.

Evidence of Autumn: A chromatic season by Massimo Di Felice

While remaining firmly anchored within the general menswear trend of recent seasons of sensible, utilitarian and neo-realist clothing, F/W 2011 also has a fun and sometimes irreverent side, expressed through splashes of bright colours and classic tailoring with twenty-first century twists.

Cover Model: Sara Sampaio on Marie Claire France by Ben Taylor

Marie Claire France is graced by Portuguese beauty Sara Sampaio this September, who features on the cover wrapped in black lace that tries to distract the reader from her piercingly beautiful eyes. But is she related to the hot Portuguese Sampaio twins, Kevin and Jonathan?

6th SEPTEMBER 2011
Dolce & Gabbana's VFNO in NEWYORK by Swide Team

Save The Date: Dolce&Gabbana invites you to celebrate with Passion Duos on September 8th, from 6pm to 11pm in New York. Who's going to be there? Click for more...

La Biennale: Gianni Colombo by Ben Taylor

The work 'Spazio elastico' by the late Gianni Colombo returns to the Venice Biennale this year and can be appreciated with fresh thinking once again. The original work from this boundary breaking artist offers us threads for contemporary thought.

Venice Film Festival: Contagion Premier by Ben Taylor

As the world's film lovers prepare themselves to feel the panic of a pandemic in Steven Soderbergh's 'Contagion', celebrities, like Eli Roth, had a touch of the fashion virus, and Chiara Francini had succumbed to the highly contagious Leopard print that has been noted amongst the stars this Summer.

5th SEPTEMBER 2011
A New Photographer Born: Domenico Dolce by Swide Team

Ok, so I have a question: is this just a joke? Or is it serious? Is Domenico Dolce getting ready for a new career? What did Stefano Gabbana just tweet? Questions questions...

Madonna identifies with her film's character, W. Simpson by Ben Taylor

In an interview with the BBC's Will Gompertz, Madonna revealed how she found a connection to Wallis Simpson, the wife of Edward VIII, and the way the public perceived her throughout Edward's abdication. The price of fame and two personas.

Know a Man by his Shirt by Swide Team

In life, as in the Fall, sometimes it matters who or what is on top. If the word "top" holds such an important signification, well, one must master the art of wearing the right one. Fall-Winter seen from the top of the world, or just a nice torso...

4th SEPTEMBER 2011
Summer's End by Andrea Ravieli & Enrico Costantini by Ben Taylor

The end of summer is nigh and we wanted to bid farewell to the sun kissed days surrounded by the ones that truly make this life the New Dolce Vita.

Spring-Summer '98: Stromboli by Swide Team

Erin O'Connor's subtle elegance mixed with Stromboli's volcanic black sand. Spring-Summer 1998 was the perfect union of craftsmanship and high tech. A wink at couture, an explosion of alternatives.

3rd SEPTEMBER 2011
Bree Leman: Capturing the flow and spirit of runway garments by Ben Taylor

Bree Leman is one of the latest illustrators who has caught my attention because of her modern and classy fashion illustrations. The girls she illustrated all are very sexy and have strong characters which is one of the main reasons I am attracted to her works. Today, it is my honour to feature this amazing artist on Swide!

Monica Bellucci's 'brulant' beauty in Venice Film Festival by Swide Team

Monica Bellucci was spotted waving at the photographers at Venice Film Festival while her rather hot scenes in Garrel's film 'Un Etè Brulant' were the talk of the day.

Liverpool: it's not about Beatles this time by Swide Team

You probably already know that Liverpool is a city in the UK, not far from Wales, that overlooks the Ireland sea. And yes, it’s where Beatles were born. What you might not know, though, is that it takes food very seriously.

2nd SEPTEMBER 2011
Mood Swings: Home! by Ben Taylor

Returning from a holiday break can be really traumatic. Whether you’ve been away two days, two weeks or a month, going back to the city’s routine is always quite dramatic.

Debra Franses Bean's ARTbags by Ben Taylor

Debra Franses Bean's ARTbags have been delighting art lovers with a twist of fashion thrown in for those who "get" her work and I thought it was about time that we got to know her a little bit better. I was lucky enough to bag (excuse the pun) an interview with her and let her do the talking. So, without any hesitation, I introduce Debra Franses Bean...

Andrea Riseborough & Natalie Dormer for Madonna's film, W.E. by Ben Taylor

Madonna's directorial project, 'W.E.', premiered at the 68th Venice Film Festival and the leading ladies of the film stepped on to the camera flash lit red carpet for their photocalls. Strike a pose.

Bronzelicious: Don't Lose Your Summer Allure by Massimo Di Felice

Getting back to real life after the holidays is always a little dramatic- if to the commute and the autumnal rain you add the fact that your tan fades at the speed of light, its no surprise that your mood might be more gloom than glam. Dolce&Gabbana has a solution nearly as hot as the August sun: the Dolce&Gabbana Bronzer.

1st SEPTEMBER 2011
Music Video - St. Vincent 'Cruel' by Ben Taylor

The new video for singer/songwriter St. Vincent's latest track, Cruel, to be lifted from her upcoming L.P, titled 'Strange Mercy', sees her dealing with the pressures of family responsibilities and slowly being crushed under the weight of expectation that lead to he ultimate act of family resentment.

Evan Rachel Wood at the Venice Film Festival by Ben Taylor

It has been a good year for Evan Rachel Wood, who decided that it was time for to experiment and exchanged her wardrobe for looks that are less red carpet and much more runway. At the showing of Ides of March she arrived the red carpet most certainly transformed into her personal catwalk.

Anna Dello Russo adores Dolce & Gabbana by Swide Team

A policy of flash, that's how they call this editorial there at Vogue Japan. Styled by Anna Dello Russo and photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, Crystal Renn looks amazing in Dolce&Gabbana.