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31th JULY 2009
Scarlett Johansson interview: My beauty icons by Swide Team

As Scarlett Johansson hits Selfridges, London today it's only fitting we ask her for some London tips. We discover Scarlett's must-see places and what she'd do if she was Mayor for the day. Read Swide's exclusive interview with Scarlett here.

The Inflatable revenge by Swide Team

If you think inflated plastic design is child's play, then think again. Blown up objects are back in art, design and architecture, and no-one's planning to deflate them anytime soon...

The only thing that should blend in are cocktails by Swide Team

No. 244 in a limited series - refuse the picture postcard look with a holiday wardrobe that features retro prints.

At right angles (Vogue Italia June 09) by Swide Team

They we were thinking it was just our shoulders that were supposed to be at right angles. Then we spotted Vogue Italia's recent beauty shoot and we realized make-up had to follow suit too.

Backstage at the speed of light by Swide Team

Although you may think that fashion is all about pondering the exact shade of black there are occasions (besides sample sales) when we must move at the speed of light. Welcome to the world of e commerce.

30th JULY 2009
Noah Mills: The biography by Swide Team

Although we assumed models such as Noah Mills were heaven sent from a far off galaxy called hunk, the truth is (spoiler alert!) that male models have a human story of discovery too. Swide traces Noah rise to super stardom.

The nouveau wardrobe by Swide Team

No.233 in a limited series - Paris in the springtime was just an excuse quite frankly to go shopping.

Rage against the fashion machine by Swide Team

The online premiere of Sally Potter’s star-studded ode to the fashion world, RAGE will hit the virtual world in September. Jude Law as a mysterious celebrity supermodel, and Judi Dench as jaded fashion critic - this we have to see.

The Night Collection: A 5 minute make-up video lesson by Swide Team

If your idea of applying make-up is a quick swipe of lip gloss, then this is the video for you. Dolce & Gabbana have just added to their new make-up line with, The Night Collection, a new range of products that brings evening glamour back. We delve into its box of tricks.

Check in at the mile high club by Swide Team

If you've always wanted to join the mile high club but lacked the inclination or first class seats to get you in the mood, we've found just the ticket.

Swide Twit Pick: Mika's new trousers by Swide Team

Mika appears to be a busy boy, telling his twitter followers - its official the next 12 months is all about outer space. By this we assume he of course he means promoting his new album and not moving to America and studying aliens like Robbie Williams...

29th JULY 2009
A clever holiday spans weather conditions by Swide Team

No.232 in a limited series - much as we love caftans and bikinis, too much of a good thing can bore anyone. Opt for a holiday in multiple weather zones for maximum wardrobe versatility.

Update your global daytripping by Swide Team

For those of you planning a world trip, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee has thoughtfully just added 13 new sites to its list of cultural must-sees proving there is more to travel than Saint Tropez.

The click have: Turn up the heat by Swide Team

In our new Click Have video series we literally zoom in on the forthcoming pieces to invest in, taking you on a virtual visual journey to discover the fall's cult pieces.

The pre-holiday by Swide Team

It would appear that a summer holiday is not enough in glamour land. A growing trend in circles exhausted by life down the glitter face is to opt for a week's break prior to their official holiday. You have to be kidding?!

Tyson Ballou: The biography by Swide Team

Although we assumed models such as Tyson were heaven sent from a far off galaxy called hunk, the truth is (spoiler alert!) that male models have a human story of discovery too. Swide traces Tyson's rise to super stardom.

Colour me blind (Vogue Russia June 09) by Swide Team

Summer's here, the yacht is waiting and so time to celebrate with some colour. Vogue Russia is our inspiration this week as their recent beauty shoot outlines the colour palette of the season.

Metal detectors and a pillow fight by Swide Team

A short flight from Atlanta to Baltimore for A.C. Milan coach Leonardo and his players - who turn the trip into an opportunity for a bit of well-earned fun.

28th JULY 2009
Madonna & her new celebration by Swide Team

When we heard the words 'Madonna' and 'celebration' we wondered if there was a new yoga pose or Brazilian model we should look out for. Even better however is the news that Madonna is set to release a new greatest-hits album.

There's no rematch by Swide Team

No.231 in a limited series - to quote Rocky and of course this Dolce & Gabbana pre-fall 2009 sweatshirt - "there ain't going to be rematch". Life is much the same so ensure you're moment in the ring is a stylish one.

Meet the bloggers: Foxyman by Swide Team

In Swide's Meet The Bloggers series we interview the super bloggers to ask them what life is really like in the blogasphere. This week's star is Foxyman who hails from Melbourne, Australia.

Claudia Schiffer: The biography by Swide Team

Although we assumed supermodels landed on earth from a far off galaxy called supermodel planet, the truth is (spoiler alert!) that supermodels do have a human story of discovery too. Swide traces Claudia Schiffer's rise to super stardom.

Pack some filth & wisdom in your suitcase by Swide Team

We realize holiday packing tends to focus only on duty-free shopping lists but when you've done the vodka and with the trashy magazines, snuggle up with a DVD and a holiday romance.

Massimo Oddo on being a snappy dresser by Swide Team

Tennis, tattoos, joking with friends and a spot of vanity - the AC Milan midfielder reveals all to

27th JULY 2009
Daniel Merriweather and the creation of a star by Swide Team

Continuing on our quest for the perfect holiday playlist and more importantly attempting to rid ourselves of running the risk of listening to cheesy classics in the sun, Swide is bringing you the music to download now.

Hugh Dancy's Wilde Side (Black Book August 09) by Swide Team

Actor Hugh Dancy poses as Oscar Wilde in the latest issue of BlackBook magazine and explains why, in his opinion, the writer is remarkable.

Light up the room without the need for metallics by Swide Team

No.230 in a limited series - if you're need of some star power, think beyond the obvious silver and gold. Green will ensure you stand-out not decorate.

District 9: Select your species by Swide Team

Forthcoming science fiction film produced by Peter Jackson tells the story of alien refugees landing in South Africa. Coupled with the success of White Wedding, is it time for the county's cinema to take its place in the sun?

Hello Miss Sicily! by Swide Team

Much as we love being prepared for every occasion it's time to face the facts ladies, we're not Boy Scouts. There's no need to pack a sleeping bag for a day at the office. Opt for some ladylike glamour instead with this new Dolce & Gabbana refined handbag.

Naomi Campbell: The biography by Swide Team

Although we assumed supermodels landed on earth from a far off galaxy called supermodel planet, the truth is (spoiler alert!) that supermodels do have a human story of discovery too. Swide traces Naomi Campbell's rise to super stardom.

Onyewu and his objectives by Swide Team

In front of American journalists Oguchi Onyewu held his first press conference as a Rossoneri player at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Swide discovers what makes him tick.

25th JULY 2009
Eyes swide shot: Massimo Ambrosini's downtime by Swide Team

Destination Atlanta: Time out and relaxation for the AC Milan player.

24th JULY 2009
Vincent Cassel is France's public enemy number one by Swide Team

Described as Goodfellas meets The Godfather by Uncut, Mesrine tells the story of the mythical French gangster Jacques Mesrine.

The Dolce & Gabbana lottery by Swide Team

A drawback to mixing with A-listers is that sooner or later the desire to live an equally lavish lifestyle will hit home (or the rented studio). When this happens there's only one solution, an office lottery ticket.

Leave the ratrace behind by Swide Team

No.227 in a limited series - leave the office treadmill and opt to see a different type of race.

Swide Twit Picks: The fashion intern by Swide Team

Ever since Swide featured Chanel Iman's internship at Teen Vogue and Kanye West at Gap, we've kept a close eye on fashion's internships. Still unsure as to why being locked in a fashion cupboard is more coveted than a year traveling, we investigate the phenomena further.

Atlanta’s warm welcome by Swide Team

If you're sat thinking what to have for dinner read an average day in the life of an A.C. Milan player instead. Shopping downtown, and press conference for new player Oguchi Onyewu...just an average day really.

23th JULY 2009
Who is Wyclef Jean? by Swide Team

Introducing himself to a generation that's yet to hear of the Fugees, (and could help perhaps explain the pose above), Wyclef is offering fans the option to download tracks from his forthcoming album directly from his blog.

VV Brown: Pop has spoken by Swide Team

British pop has a new It girl and she's called VV Brown. With rehab the destination of choice for many of our heroines, we're excited to find a control freak ruling the charts. Download her for your summer play list now.

Green with envy by Swide Team

No.226 in a limited series - not you of course. Ensure the audience instead is green with envy not only for your seats, but for your style too.

Dollar ReDe$ign Project by Swide Team

Deciding that the only realistic way to ensure a swift US economic recovery is through a rebranding scheme, the redesign of the iconic US Dollar began - Swide takes a look at the options.

Maria Blaisse (Dazed & Confused August 09) by Swide Team

It's more 1980's excess, as Dazed & Confused feature model Hana Soukopova shot by Jason Kibbler and styled by Karen Langley in an homage to Dutch designer Maria Blaisse.

Transatlantic athletic training by Swide Team

As Swide continues on A.C Milan's summer tour - we Interview the club's chief fitness coach to discover how the team is handling their US Tour and why working out on sand is our our new favorite workout tip.

London literally dances around its handbags by Swide Team

Last week Dolce & Gabbana opened up its doors to the party set as it transformed itself into a club for one night only. Plus the occasion gave rise to our latest discovery, how to be in two places at once. Click here to find out how...

22th JULY 2009
Stylerunner by Swide Team

No.225 in a limited series - opt for a futuristic look to suit your cityscape.

The click have: eccentric elegance by Swide Team

In our new Click Have video series we literally zoom in on the forthcoming pieces to invest in, taking you on a virtual visual journey to discover the fall pieces only a click away.

When you're a boy by Swide Team

This new exhibition at London's Photographer's Gallery celebrates men in fashion photography. Focusing on the career of a stylist rather than a photographer, this is the first exhibition devoted to the groundbreaking British menswear stylist Simon Foxton.

Naomi Campbell: Vogue Korea's anniversary issue by Swide Team

Celebrating its 13th anniversary, Vogue Korea has opted for a supermodel party for it's July issue. Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, and Claudia Schiffer headline the issue entitled Super Big 3.

Milan takes fashion crown from New York by Swide Team

Cast aside your preconceptions that Milan is sitting back with a glass of Prosecco whilst reading Vogue Italia. The Global Language Monitor’s annual survey released today reveals Milan has ended New York's five-year reign as the world's top fashion city. Swide finds out more.

Goodbye California by Swide Team

The Rossoneri’s final day in California - and it starts early. Swide reveals what the Milan players get up to on their final day in L.A before they move on to Atlanta. See the backstage pictures and get all the gossip by clicking here.

21th JULY 2009
Sophie Ellis Bextor gets that fall feeling by Swide Team

Our post's title is is not actually referring to the fact Sophie is looking ever so precarious perched up on stage at the U.K's recent T4 festival, but rather it's July and Sophie's fashion forward pre-fall D&G outfit appears to have fast forwarded the weather too.

Get in line by Swide Team

No.224 in a limited series - As much he enjoyed the thrill of the chase he was content to conduct his chasing off the pitch and in the club bar.

Bret Easton Ellis: The new book Imperial Gardens by Swide Team

With 80's sequels a hot topic in Hollywood right now author Bret Easton Ellis is hoping a film version of his new book will reunite the cast of his first novel and controversial film, Less Than Zero.

Swide Twit Picks: John Legends hits the White House by Swide Team

You know you've made it when you're invited to The White House for a tour - we snoop around Obama's new home courtesy of John Legend.

Milan embraces Beckham in Los Angeles by Swide Team

Monday's friendly match between A.C Milan and L.A team Galaxy was played out in front of 27.000 spectators to a warm reception. Swide heads into the locker room to discover what went on in the minds of the players.

20th JULY 2009
Tug along for the ride by Swide Team

Forget super yachts this summer and indulge in a journey with more charm on the Ariete Primo, a tug boat that's traveled the oceans of the world.

A fantasy at your fingertips by Swide Team

If you're bored of the high street and an everyday color palette, this coming fall will offer a burst of creativity from a selection of designers including Dolce & Gabbana who are determined to keep fashion in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Eva Mendes' guide to Portofino by Swide Team

While the rest of us are still sweating it out in the office, actress Eva Mendes strolls around Portofino with quite possibly the most stylish tour guides designers around - Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.

Print! (Harpers Bazaar UK Aug 09) by Swide Team

We're literally printing our shopping lists as we flick through the new August issues. New shoes, new coat, new bag and of course a dash of va va vroom.

Milan lands in Los Angeles by Swide Team

Milan’s football stars are captured arriving at the Home Depot Center ahead of their first match with Galaxy. The football star’s outfits have been personally designed by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. We take a peek at their journey so far.

Eyes Swide shot: The beautiful people by Swide Team

It's Monday and while the rest of the world are having bad hair days and applying concealer on planet beautiful they wake up that way. Swide headed to London to take a peek at the cool crowd.

George Michael's Freedom gets a new look by Swide Team

In need of an Eighties fix backstage at the recent menswear shows, we found male models willing to sing a few lines from the infamous song...

Eyes swide shot: Waiting for Madonna by Swide Team

This weekend Madonna shot a new video at Dolce & Gabbana's Metropol theatre in Milan. Earlier in the week Madonna asked fans to send in their pictures for an opportunity to star alongside her...

19th JULY 2009
Suited & booted by Swide Team

No.221 in a limited series - an early evening cocktail and an English country garden. Let the merriment begin.

17th JULY 2009
The new Marilyn: Lindsay Lohan (Vogue Spain Aug 09) by Swide Team

Refreshingly looking like a Hollywood heroine rather than Hollywood tabloid fodder - Lindsay shows the world what she's capable of as Spanish Vogue's latest cover star.

Virtual foodies:The tweetadations by Swide Team

When you need a restaurant recommendation faster than a guide book, try Twitter. For some curious reason, people love to tweet their food tips and we've rounded up the week's culinary hot picks.

The material world by Swide Team

If you walked past a dry-cleaners and saw a t-shirt from Madonna's after show party hanging up in the window, would the thought of pretending to be the owner ever cross your mind...?

In the locker room with football's global stars by Swide Team

Whilst you're sipping a cocktail by the pool spare a thought for the world's leading soccer players, who continue to work the pitch in search of that elusive win. Swide plans to exclusively follow Milan football team's 2009 Summer Tour bringing you unseen footage and revealing the truth about life as a international football player.

16th JULY 2009
Stefano Gabbana on Madonna's Milan party by Swide Team

As Madonna's Milan after show party was a discreet affair, Swide couldn't wait to catch up with designer Stefano Gabbana to discover what really went on behind those closed doors.

Shop a fashion shoot by Swide Team, the fashion site that explores the creation of fashion imagery and run by uber-photographer Nick Knight has now taken a step further, opening a store where you can buy objects from fashion shoots.

The futuristic cowboy by Swide Team

Checked, denim, suede and leather - next season's D&G cowboy shirt is the piece to ensure a swagger in the style stakes. Swide explains how to walk into a saloon and look as if it you own it all.

Audrey Tautou (Vogue U.K August 09) by Swide Team

One of our favorite actresses, Audrey Tautou shows off her natural gamine grace in the latest issue of Vogue U.K. The très chic shoot is photographed by Paolo Roversi and styled by Miranda Almond. J'adore.

Click in line for D&G's tailcoats and prints by Swide Team

In Swide's exclusive new video series we take an expert look at the pieces to invest in for the forthcoming fall/winter 2009 season. Our detailed video takes you up close and personal with the new D&G must-have pieces that are literally a click away.

Bangkok (Marie Claire Spain July 09) by Swide Team

There's nothing we like more than flipping through the pages of our favorite glossies scouting holiday destinations. We were set on Saint Tropez, then it was Capri and today's its Bangkok...

A fish out of water by Swide Team

The new faces of Dolce & Gabbana's underwear campaign are the Italian swim team, and we couldn't help but ask them how a Saturday afternoon at a catwalk show compares, to well, the swimming pool.

Eye swide shot: The future playlist by Swide Team

We had our fingers poised on yet another best of the eighties summer playlist when a temporary London club popped up and reminded us of the musicians we really need to download.

Eye swide shot: Are cameras the new cocktails? by Swide Team

We love a party, but what we possibly love more are the poses. At a recent London party we noticed it was the clinking of cameras rather than ice-cubes that excited the fashion pack.

Madonna wants you! by Swide Team

It's a celebration and Madonna wants you to be part of it. The pop icon and her team are filming the video for her next single in Milan THIS weekend and YOU can take part! Click here for how.

15th JULY 2009
The professional toilet break by Swide Team

Now before we go any further - if you're looking for a rock and roll story, click away. In fact I was going to write about Madonna's after show party but then Mr.G beat me to it, no this is more of a professional story, and one I'd like your advice on...

Shopping is not a spectator sport by Swide Team

No.217 in a limited series - it's fine to shop in pairs, but only if both of you have the same plan. Followers need not apply.

Mario Testino: The man behind the camera by Swide Team

Possibly the starriest snapper of them all, Mario Testino is the photographer to make a shoot not only the coolest place to be but the most enjoyable too - but what gets him in the party mood?

Eyes Swide Shot: Madonna's aftershow party by Swide Team

Designers Dolce & Gabbana threw open the doors of their Milan restaurant Gold to host Madonna's post-show party. With Jesus Luz on the decks, the disco started...

The literary LA tour by Swide Team

We'll secretly admit to occasionally a L.A tour of the star's homes, but then we remember who we are and forget all about the idea. A new bus adventure into the secret heart of LA from blog Esotouric however...

14th JULY 2009
Emma Watson is The Graduate (Elle U.K August 09) by Swide Team

This is one little lady that is getting her fair share of press coverage and it looks as if it will stay that way as today's press report that The Harry Potter star has been handed a part in a Goth-inspired reworking of glass slipper fairytale Cinderella alongside Marilyn Manson.

Madonna, Stefano & Domenico: The beginning by Swide Team

It's the early nineties, pop icon Madonna and designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana have yet to meet. As told exclusively by designer Stefano Gabbana, we discover exactly how they all met.

The surreal side of planet fashion by Swide Team

When we heard news of a surreal trend heading its way to fashion-land this autumn, we though how very apt that surrealism had decided to show its distorted face. Proving that life in the office is already well ahead of trends we take an exaggerated peek at what could be fashion’s favorite trend.

The enigmatic Fever Ray by Swide Team

If you're looking for an under the radar play-list for by the pool this summer, Swedish musician, Karin Dreijer Andersson's solo album Fever Ray could be it.

Berlin Calling by Swide Team

We've lost count of the amount of times our hedonistic friends have announced they're off to live in Berlin. With a population that could well contain more hedonists per square metre than Ibiza, we take a look at the tragicomedy of Berlin.

Swide Twit Picks: Post-It by Swide Team

Post-its are our saviors when we want to pretend we're very busy. We love scattering them around with important messages making us believe in our own self-importance.

13th JULY 2009
Pop Star, Paulina Rubio (Elle Spain July 09) by Swide Team

Latin American singer Paulina Rubio has sold a startling sold 20 million albums worldwide. After a two-year absence, the pop diva Paulina Rubio is back on the scene with something unexpected...

The Clint Eastwood makeover by Swide Team

Now boys before you head off on your horse, the S/S 2010 hairstyle is not one that's been exposed to the elements. It's more Clint Eastwood at the saloon, after he'd had a bath.

Sail away from the office in style by Swide Team

The two keywords in the sailing world this summer are green and design. The latest super yachts are characterized by a strong focus on Eco-friendly issues whereas the more compact ones have a superb attention to design. For a shipshape look, head this way.

Coolhaus: The architecturally designed ice-cream by Swide Team

Roaming the streets of LA and the virtual world of twitter we look at what the intellectuals are cooling their heels with.

Have a (beach)ball this summer by Swide Team

You know you need a summer holiday when even light fixtures look like beach balls. Conveniently however we've found a collection of beach ball lamps so we don't need to feel like desperate people anymore.

Look sharp as tailoring hits town by Swide Team

Next season, it's time to step up the act, smarten up your wardrobe and put forward a tough front in chic D&G fall/winter 2010 masculine tailoring. We show you how to achieve the look with military precision.

Eugenio Merino: The artist to watch by Swide Team

As the chattering classes discuss Jeff Koon's Popeye exhibition - Swide has found an artist to rival the old pop guard. Provocative, funny, confusing: Eugenio Merino’s art destroys pop icons, and even Daniel Hirst gets a look in.

10th JULY 2009
Madonna's Milan after show party: The instructions by Swide Team

We appreciate the fact Madonna is a very big star and not just anybody can turn up to party in private with the superstar, but when instructions turned up for her private party tomorrow with designers Dolce & Gabbana's, we did wonder if she'd got confused with the G8 summit.

Like a bus you wait for one look and then two come along by Swide Team

No.212 in a limited series - in life it's all about being versatile. If the bus doesn't turn up, take a helicopter. It's the same with fashion - add a scarf and you're a gent. Take it off and you're a rock star in waiting.

Little Boots: The professional twit by Swide Team

Describing herself as a professional twit on her Twitter page - we discover more about the humble Victoria Hesketh aka little Boots and her first album Hands.

Caterina Murino: A Bond girl's holiday by Swide Team

When your career involves kissing Daniel Craig as a Bond Girl, surely life is one long holiday? We caught up with Italian actress to discover what she actually considers a holiday and her plans for this summer.

Swide Twit Picks: Chloe Sevigny gives hamburgers the cool stamp by Swide Team

As we all know whatever Chloe Sevigny touches turns to trademark cool. Saving you the hassle of social networking, in our new Swide series sit back and relax as Swide snoops its way around Twitter bringing you the Twitpic highlights.

Hold on tight! The man clutch is coming... by Swide Team

After we'd finished staring at Jesus Luz on the spring/summer 2010 Dolce & Gabbana catwalk we noticed the models were all holding onto something and it wasn't their stomachs. We investigate the new male clutch and who'll be wearing one next season.

9th JULY 2009
Mariano Vivanco on swimming Dolce & Gabbana style by Swide Team

If you've been following Swide, you'll have noticed we've been brushing up on our doggie paddle with the Italian swim team - the latest stars of Dolce & Gabbana's fall/winter 2010 underwear campaign. We catch up with fashion photographer behind the camera...

Kristen McMenamy is back (Vogue Italia July 09) by Swide Team

The supermodel that got away has been brought back to the pages of Vogue Italia's latest edition courtesy of uber photographer Steven Meisel. A 31-page spread entitled "The Legend" showcases the 42-year-old fashion veteran.

Let King Arthur reign over your summer soundtrack by Swide Team

If hip Parisian store Colette has it on their website - then it has our stamp of approval.

Meet the bloggers: Lauren Luke by Swide Team

A mid-week success story to inspire you all. In our regular Swide series we interview leading bloggers to ask them what life is really like in the blogasphere.

Through the Swide office keyhole by Swide Team

Although at Swide we like to peek around other people's backstage spaces, we thought it was about time we showed you what we get up to when we're not on Facebook.

London prepares for its DG set by Swide Team

There's nothing like the promise of quite literally dancing around handbags to bring out the British capital's finest. London's Dolce & Gabbana boutique will open its doors this evening to Little Boots, Gareth Pugh, Paloma Faith, The Noisettes, Kelly Rowland, David Gandy, Skin, and Goldfrapp amongst others with music from Roisin Murphy and DJ V.

Swide Twit Picks: Obama & his mum by Swide Team

Courtesy of the new wave of 'ladies who tweet' - British PM's wife, Sarah Brown reveals President Obama and his mum beamed onto the Coliseum in Rome plus we discover how to get an alternative view of the G8 summit.

8th JULY 2009
New York High Line Park: garden in the sky by Swide Team

In the middle of Manhattan’s west side roads, a new park has opened its gates, built on an old elevated railway. Get off the streets and start aiming high - as in rooftop high.

Serena Williams keeps her eye on the ball(gown) by Swide Team

We often wondered what happens next after you've won Wimbledon. Is it straight to Bungalow 8 to guzzle champagne or a bath and bed?

Eugene Souleimann: Class is back by Swide Team

Boys do you want the good or the bad news. The good? You're free to look like Clark Gable next season. The bad news? Grooming is required. We interviewed hairstylist Eugene Souleimann backstage at the Dolce & Gabbana SS10 show on the forthcoming hair trends.

Farewell beauty sleep by Swide Team

We're ever so bored of hearing about the fifteen hours of sleep, and seven pots of cream we should apply at night. What happened to being dramatic, alluring, sensual and mysterious in the evening? Dolce & Gabbana's latest flash collection is bringing the glamour back.

Belle du Jour (GQ Italy July 09) by Swide Team

Photographed by Mark Abrahams and featuring sultry actress Camilla Belle - the A-list star sets the record straight about her so-called relationship with Twilight's Robert Pattinson.

Meet the bloggers: Susanna Lau, Stylebubble by Swide Team

In this Swide series, we interview leading bloggers to ask them what life is really like in the blogsaphere. Style Bubble is a blog so successful it has entered the realm of national fashion treasure where even you mum is likely to nod when you mention its name (perhaps not, but you get the idea)...

7th JULY 2009
The Color issue (Instyle China July 09) by Swide Team

With the fashion powers that be informing their fashion public that anything sparkly should feature heavily in their scarily sounding trans-seasonal (?) wardrobes - we think we may just have got the message.

Paolo Bossini: Exclusive interview by Swide Team

Star of Dolce & Gabbana's new SS10 underwear advertising campaign, we caught up with the Italian Swimmer to quiz him on life as a swimmer and as one of the new faces of Dolce & Gabbana.

What were Peaches & Pixie Geldof chatting about? by Swide Team

Spotted at the recent Bruno premiere we couldn't help but wonder what the Brit sisters found so amusing.

Teacher's pet by Swide Team

As we all know the office is a lot like school but without the option to leave at 4pm. As with all classroom situations this of course means some people get better marks than others. Planet DG is no different, except of course the staff are better dressed.

Moon: Angst in outerspace by Swide Team

New film starring Sam Rockwell, the voice of Kevin Spacey and directed by new director Duncan Jones (the low-key son of David Bowie) has just been released in the U.S. We tell you more.

Goodbye Jacko by Swide Team

Before Neverland was filled with ghosts and empty rooms full of CNN journalists - it was of course home to superstar Michael Jackson. We take a peek at the possessions he refused to auction and an insight into the real King of Pop.

Swide Twit Picks: Light up the night by Swide Team

How many A-listers does it take up to light a room we wonder and curiously why does P.Diddy need torches at his mansion? We investigate his ninth annual White Party at his East Hampton home.

6th JULY 2009
Say goodbye to your dancing shoes by Swide Team

If you're still bearing the scars of a weekend's dancing - a new service that allows you to slip into something more comfortable could be heading to a dancefloor near you very soon.

Tweet a London cab by Swide Team

Our personal mark of civilisation is the exact time if takes to get a taxi in a city at any given time. Although Manhattan is easy(ish), Milan possible with patience, and Paris perfectly fine except during fashion weeks, London may take the crown for the ability to now tweet a cab.

Madonna: The Eighties by Swide Team

Dolce & Gabbana's S/S 2001 was an homage to one of the designer's favourite epochs and the collection that Madonna wore for her video, Don't Tell Me. It was also the moment of those infamous Kylie and Britney t-shirts.

The new denim: Rip up the rule book by Swide Team

The Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2010 collection showcased delux denim. A new style of jeans lined with silk pyjamas offers an all-new spin on fashion's favourite item.

Brad Pitt: Uneasy rider by Swide Team

Hollywood stars appear to live life in a convenience bubble - so there is something particularly curious about Brad Pitt having to phone home (Angelina or Jen?) when his motorbike recently broke down. The exceptionally weird part. Brad checking his location via a phone box.

Midsummer at Stonehenge: The mythical daytrip by Swide Team

If you’re fascinated by neopaganism and soul-voyages, the Summer Solstice in Stonehenge is the place to go, even if it’s a cloudy day.

Swide Twit Picks: Passive aggressive tactics by Swide Team

There's nothing we like more than spotting a bit of frustration around and about a city. Courtesy of Mr Bingo and his Twitpics - we bring you metropolitan suffering direct to your desktop.

3rd JULY 2009
The swingers by Swide Team

Its obvious spookiness aside - this swing lamp by BCXSY would look wonderful (and freak out the neighbours) in a spacious living room. Perfect for creating a feature inside a room and a guaranteed conversation starter for any drinks party.

Serving the world by Swide Team

You may never have given it much thought but when you upload photos to a sharing site, open multiple email accounts and log onto Twitter, an out-of-sight data centre somewhere is storing all this information. We investigate the hidden phenomenon called "the cloud".

A home fit for a blogger by Swide Team

It's not quite life on the open road, but if the thought of a summer without WIFI is giving you a rash - this could be your vehicle of choice.

Shades of genius by Swide Team

Fame your face this summer and ensure you take centre stage with Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer 2009 collection. Swide reveals the must-have styles to accompany your cocktail.

Brüno on Dolce & Gabbana (literally) by Swide Team

As Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as Brüno gets dressed down for wearing Dolce & Gabbana to the Alabama National Guard - he also reveals exclusively to GQ which of the designers he..."prefers"...

Runway thoughts: In the mind of a model by Swide Team

It's summer and so time to kick back and have some fun. Backstage at the spring/summer 2010 menswear shows, Swide asked the runway stars YOUR questions.

2nd JULY 2009
Turn over a new leaf by Swide Team

Despite having the hardened edge of an urban dweller – we’ve spotted some unlikely smiles of late coming from city people spotting the new sight of growing potatoes. Swide brings you the alternative guide to the good life.

The garden of Eden by Swide Team

No.206 in a limited series - despite being in what could be one of the most elegant gardens she'd ever stepped foot in, she had no intention of losing her Pre-Fall outfit.

The Life & Times of Candy Darling by Swide Team

Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar, is the subject of a new documentary film and tribute to an extraordinary life. The film has just been screened as work in progress in Las Vegas. We take a peek.

Model looks: The Dolce & Gabbana SS10 picks by Swide Team

Although we see models striding down the catwalk, we did wonder what they actually wanted to wear when they weren't slinking down the runway. Direct from the SS10 Dolce & Gabbana menswear catwalk show we asked them to reveal the pieces their coveted pieces.

Swide Twit Picks: Hamburgers & Vogue? by Swide Team

Model Chanel Iman is today's heroine by seamlessly combining a successful model career with cooking. A rare accomplishment in the fashion we discover there is actually such as thing as a guest intern.

1st JULY 2009
Justin Timberlake for Guys & Dolls? by Swide Team

The word on the London streets is Justin Timberlake is set to star in Guy Ritchie's remake of Guys & Dolls. Could this be an Oscar-winning strategy like that of Catherine Zeta Jones we wonder?

The Aston Martin Cygnet by Swide Team

As we hurtle towards a green society we're convinced James Bond will be adding organic olives to his Martini and fighting the evils of carbon gasses in one of these little cars.

Mirco Di Tora: Exclusive Interview by Swide Team

Star of Dolce & Gabbana's new SS10 underwear advertising campaign, we caught up with the Italian Swimmer to quiz him on life as a swimmer and as one of the new faces of Dolce & Gabbana.

Style ahoy! by Swide Team

No.205 in a limited series - if it's a castaway holiday you're after but not necessarily it's style opt for a nautical look. This way, if you get bored of the company it's easier to sail away.

This summer's eye candy by Swide Team

We understand completely the joy of gazing through tinted lenses at someone who's easy on the eye. Try turning the tables this summer and ensure you're the eye candy instead in this new collection of Dolce & Gabbana GYM sunglasses.

Amber Le Bon: The supermodel dynasty by Swide Team

Could this the beginning of a new fashion era? As the second generation of supermodels strides on to the red carpet, we take a look at Amber Le Bon's career to date...