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31th DECEMBER 2008
Paintings that replace therapy by Swide Team

Self-help books are destined for the bin as Wang Ke's work help you to appreciate yourself a little more

I'll take her look by Swide Team

Take an exclusive sneak peek at what top models want for next season featuring Chanel Iman, and Anouck Lepere...

Start as you mean to go on by Swide Team

Look 45 in a limited series - All dressed up with everywhere to go. Although she had several covetable chic invites - she preferred an old-school New Year's Eve

How to be a Dolce & Gabbana model by Swide Team

Our in-box pours with advice and helpful tips to those in need.

30th DECEMBER 2008
Superman's water bottle by Swide Team

The eco-friendly drinks bottles that are high-tech and built to last. Swiss design provides the gold standard for water bottles.

Knowledge is power by Swide Team

Your opportunity to finally learn particle physics as the world famous, Oxford University offers a new series of podcasts.

Why Dita really needs her sleep... by Swide Team

Exclusive to Swide, beauty tips from the burlesque star, Dita Von Teese.

Underground dressing by Swide Team

Look 44 in a limited series - Understated. After the Christmas excess he thought it better to opt for a look that didn't scream look at me.

29th DECEMBER 2008
A decadent trip through 1930's Bohemia by Swide Team

Dolce & Gabbana's FW 00/01 collection was entitled, "Tamara de Lempicka" - inspired by the German expressionist painter of the same name.

The new model anthem by Swide Team

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the dance floor - Glass Shark have put hips back in disco.

Aunts are the new muses by Swide Team

Photographer Florian Aschka makes his photography a family affair

Easy does it by Swide Team

The order for SS09 - remove that belt. Next season D&G trousers are cut to fit perfectly without the need for a belt. In case you look down and miss a certain something, the detailing is all there.

Overdressed or underdressed? by Swide Team

Look 43 in a limited series - Dress codes. When a party invitation is ambigious as to its dress code, was it better to go OTT or low-key?

The Sumo grand tour 2009 by Swide Team

We have the advance tickets sale dates for the new 2009 tour. The perfect post-Christmas spectator sport

28th DECEMBER 2008
Coolest person on the planet by Swide Team

As we look back at the 2008 music scene - Alice Glass topping NME's Cool list remains on our playlist for 2009.

New Year's Eve is overrated by Swide Team

Look 42 in a limited series - The big night. As everyone else planned to party on December 31st - she chose December 28th.

27th DECEMBER 2008
Empowering necklaces by Swide Team

Add a touch of the Baroque with a show-stopping necklace from Dolce & Gabbana's SS09 collection

The chopsticks diet by Swide Team

Try a new selection of secret Japanese recipes to ensure you don't hit January with a bump.

A Scandinavian trick by Swide Team

Look 41 in a limited series - Prolong your winter wardrobe. As he prefered winter clothes to summer ones, he headed to Copenhagen rather than to the Caribbean.

26th DECEMBER 2008
Detox doesn't start here by Swide Team

Look 40 in a limited series - The post-Christmas indulgence. Heading to a detox spa was such a waste when everyone was in town.

25th DECEMBER 2008
Merry Christmas by Swide Team

Look 39 in a limited series - Season's Greetings. She had no intention of dressing like a Christmas tree.

24th DECEMBER 2008
R&R time by Swide Team

When even make-up refuses to cover the under-eye bags it's time to take a rest, and embrace last season.

'Twas the night before Christmas by Swide Team

Look 38 in a limited series - A stocking filler. She'd finally said good-night to the office - nothing stirred not even her computer mouse.

23th DECEMBER 2008
Let your intelligence shine by Swide Team

Make overnight flights an exercise in intelligence rather than boredom as we find a glow in the dark chess set

Don't be shy, take a peek by Swide Team

Shine a light on something personal with a new lamp from Japan

The Christmas gifts arrive by Swide Team

Every season Mr.G designs a very special t-shirt for his loyal staff. This season's model causes the usual office riot as colour envy sets in.

A walk in the park by Swide Team

Look 37 in a limited series - Central Park. He'd arrived in Manhattan six months ago and couldn't believe this was his first trip to the park.

22th DECEMBER 2008
Therapy for the frazzled by Swide Team

Try relaxing with something other than a glass of red wine - it's time to try embrace something a little longer lasting than Starbucks.

Singing in the snow by Swide Team

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana sent a funny email to their closest friends for Xmas. Enjoy!

Working nine to nine by Swide Team

Look 36 in a limited series - If only she worked 9-5. Post work drinks got later and later as the week got harder and harder.

21th DECEMBER 2008
Plaid Tidings (IHT Style Magazine Holiday 2008) by Swide Team

The influential International Herald Tribune Style magazine's "Remix" section investigates tartan trends through the ages - D&G's "dorktastic" fall show gets centre stage. Welcome Plaid-Spotters!

Hey, doll-face! by Swide Team

In honour of Russian Vogue's tenth anniversary they commissioned the world's best fashion designers to create their own unique versions of the Russian matryoshka doll.

Ciao bella! by Swide Team

Look 35 in a limited series - Italian style. She wasn't actually Italian but she liked to pretend she was.

19th DECEMBER 2008
Cruising with Daddy's car (GQ Germany Dec 2008) by Swide Team

How we remember the illicit days of pinching our parent's car for the day.

Turn left when boarding by Swide Team

Look 33 in a limited series - The elite flyer. He had no idea you can turn right when boarding a plane.

18th DECEMBER 2008
Christmas changes its spots by Swide Team

If sequins are getting you down - take advice from our Swide stylist and invest in something a little wilder this Christmas. Take a peek at our Christmas gift selection now - we promise it doesn't bite.

What Paris Hilton wants for Christmas by Swide Team

We're secretly curious about celebs Christmas lists - do they write them themselves or ask their assistants? We have the Hollywood exclusive on Miss Hilton...

How to behave like the A-list by Swide Team

After so much time around celebrities (hahahah, listen to me!!) one tends to pick up habits – bad ones obviously, if only I could replicate their spending habits.

I've got married!!!! by Swide Team

Last night I got married - to my work. What is about it about the days before a holiday and the need to work like a crazy person? When does fashion have its beauty sleep?

Street Life by Swide Team

Look 32 in a limited series - You're who you think you are. Today therefore she was a certified style success.

Twirl, bump and grind by Swide Team

If drinking champagne and nibbling on canapes bores you to tears - London's Madame JoJos New Years Eve spectacular features international burlesque and cabaret artists.

17th DECEMBER 2008
What are Fergie and Stefano Gabbana doing this afternoon? by Swide Team

Even A-listers need to take some time out for Christmas shopping - the pair have decided to head for...

Tight spot (Muse Italy, December 2008) by Swide Team

It's the little things can can make a person stand out. Her sultry looks aside - we've developed an obsession for her D&G tights.

It's better to receive by Swide Team

Yes, we're aware shopping for others may give you a rosy glow - but if all you receive every year are DVDs, it's time for a little self-improvement. Check out Swide's D&G Christmas guide now.

Pop goes Christmas by Swide Team

Christmas doesn't just have to be in shades of red and green - or so our Swide stylist says. Take a peek now unless your name is Elf.

16th DECEMBER 2008
The sleep traveller by Swide Team

Christmas is a time for fairytales - at least where our credit cards are concerned. This week's culture fix is a fantasy that won't destroy your credit rating.

House-Train a dinosaur by Swide Team

Pleo - the new robotic dinosaur that needs a home

Between a rock and a soft place? by Swide Team

Cast your mind further than New Year's Eve - to life beyond sparkling drinks and to what your body might look like in its post-party state.

Pass the ash-tree by Swide Team

If you’ve experienced waking up post-party and discovering your favourite orchid has been trashed - this plant-pot is for you.

Out of sight out of mind by Swide Team

We prefer others think of us as superhuman, no "we're only human" nonsense. Hence the need for a Robotan toilet paper holder.

The Headstars by Swide Team

Create your own starry night. If Christmas makes you want to lock yourself in a quietened room – these new headphones are for you.

Eat a Warhol by Swide Team

If raspberry creams are not hitting the spot this festive season - eat a real masterpiece instead.

You're getting warmer by Swide Team

Look 31 in a limited series - The oldest trick in the book. He was prepared for this evening - he'd added another layer.

Naomi (Vogue Russia December 2008) by Swide Team

Puurrrfect - Naomi Campbell curls around Russian Vogue this month to celebrate its Christmas issue.

15th DECEMBER 2008
Rebel Rebel by Swide Team

Look 29 in a limited series - A juvenile success. Her face wasn't a mess - but she did look a hot tramp.

14th DECEMBER 2008
The disco diva by Swide Team

Look 28 in a limited series - Mirror, mirror on the wall. Would she be the fairest at the disco ball?

13th DECEMBER 2008
Dutch Courage by Swide Team

Look 27 in a limited series - Live from Amsterdam. Avoiding the usual cliches - he was intent on discovering a different side to the city.

12th DECEMBER 2008
The view from the top by Swide Team

Look 26 in a limited series - "All of us are in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde. Although he didn't like to think he was in the gutter - he was definitely looking at penthouses, and not the magazine.

11th DECEMBER 2008
Exteriors to suit your hair colour by Swide Team

Much as you may love your Georgian style townhouse, it can be dull seeing the same old bricks everyday.

Smooth as a sleigh ride by Swide Team

The gift for a control freak or in simpler terms, the person with everything. U.S company Trek, is offering the opportunity to entirely custom build one of its bikes - including its name.

Oui, oui, oui by Swide Team

We discover what gives the French copyright on sexy music, and reveal Sebastian Tellier's 2009 tour dates.

Surfing Venice-style by Swide Team

Think positive - it's Christmas and things can always be worse - you could be living in Venice right now - welcome to high water tours with wellies.

My Christmas tree's delicious by Swide Team

Yes, Lady GaGa has won our Christmas hearts for her new song - "Christmas tree" but a fibre optic tree on-sale at cult design store Tokyu Hands is the tree we want to be underneath this season - taking off your clothes is optional.

Cinderella is refused entry by Swide Team

So exclusive was last night's event that confidentiality agreements were exchanged beforehand.

I'll take the fitness suite by Swide Team

Who cares about free chocolates in the penthouse suite? We'd rather look smug at check-in by asking if our fitness suite is ready.

Virtual outcast by Swide Team

If you've never visited Milan you may assume it’s a chic place consisting of black cashmere, designer labels, chic restaurants and fine wines..

Power dressing by Swide Team

Look 25 in a limited series - "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" - Jimi Hendrix. She secretly loved power. The dressing - not the other sort. Eighties shoulder pads were not for her however...

The desert festival by Swide Team

If Christmas and its proximity to other people drives you insane - January's Festival in the Desert may be just what you need.

10th DECEMBER 2008
Swide Christmas by Swide Team

"It's the thought that counts", is sadly not always the first phrase that springs to mind when presented with yet another candle/voucher/scarf. Try as we might, we like a gift or three with a little TLC.

Style by the book by Swide Team

Look 24 in a limited series - Don't judge a book by its cover. She liked to pretend she was home reading a book but the fact she needed a hat gave the game away...

9th DECEMBER 2008
The Mix Masters by Swide Team

Dolce & Gabbana's FW 96/97 collection broke the mould. Inspired by the Fellini film, " Le Notti di Cabiria" - the collection was sexy, refined, yet ever so slightly eccentric.

The disco dancer's pedicure by Swide Team

For some the Christmas season brings with it hours of dancing - for others it's passion, and for the sad few, it's home alone. Whatever your Yuletide holds - The "Stiletto" - "Men Only" and "Cryo Feeling" Parisian pedicures may ease the seasonal pain.

Cocktail de-tox hour by Swide Team

Look 23 in a limited series - was it better to look good before Christmas or after? He realised that everyone else was partying like crazy pre-Christmas, leaving regret for January. He however intended not to follow the pack...

Mickey we salute you by Swide Team

A tear-jerker and wrestling rarely go hand-in-hand, however after seeing new film, "The Wrestler" starring Mickey Rourke you may never hear the word "re-match" again without getting a lump in your throat. Out on...

It would be rude not to by Swide Team

Picture the scene - a roaring fire, double-ply cashmere jumper, and a snowy vista...

The survival of fashion's fittest by Swide Team

Fashion is a ruthless cycle and sadly only the "fittest" - in both the real & vacuous sense applies. It's not for the faint-heated - or those terrified of debt, embarrassment, A-list tantrums (usually in this same order), late nights, early mornings, or compiling expense forms....

Mennequins by Swide Team

There I was on my third non-urgent trip upstairs to the menswear selling floor (read my other posts - if you want to understand the SHEER beauty of this floor) - when I spotted someone i thought I knew...

A split Christmas personality by Swide Team

If like us you're a man of many parts and can't quite decide on what it is you'd like most under the tree - our very own Swide stylist has undergone some major soul-searching and found the hidden Christmas desires of men - the clean ones of course.

Spitze (Elle Germany December 2008) by Swide Team

Haughty but naughty - we love how this little lady looks so sophisticated, yet at the same time we're certain we've seen something of the dark side in her eyes.

8th DECEMBER 2008
Stalking Central Park by Swide Team

No. 22 in a limited series - A-listers whisper secretly that if you have a stalker, you've really arrived. Her secret? She would sometimes walk around Central Park pretending she was famous. She added a hat today to perfect, "The don't look at me" A-list air.

7th DECEMBER 2008
Channeling Australia by Swide Team

No.21 in a limited series - Adopting Nicole Kidman's aristocratic air and wardrobe from the new film Australia, she booked a first-class to Sydney. A rash decision, but at least her wardrobe screamed cool, and collected.

5th DECEMBER 2008
Sterling style by Swide Team

No.20 in a limited series - The American Boy had just touched down in London town. Pound notes in his pocket he was ready to see what the new neighbourhood had to offer for an English bloke.

Style has got its hat on by Swide Team

Sometimes amidst the sea of trends - what is needed is an absolutely fabulous accessory to give you a head start. This summer - we recommend the hat. Straight from the D&G SS09 catwalk are hats plucked straight from the 1960's French Riviera...

Lesbo Envy by Swide Team

It's a well known fact that a fashionista will do anything to stay on trend. It's even rumoured that sometimes, being on trend can entail a little bit more than just purchasing the current season's collections...

Campari & Soda by Swide Team

Cocktails say a lot about people - who in their right mind would order a "cosmopolitan" anymore after the Sex and the City madness? We're intrigued therefore to see if Jessica Alba can single-handedly bring back campari to the masses?

Paz de la Huerta (i-D U.K. December 2008) by Swide Team

Upcoming actress Paz de la Huerta falls down some stairs for style mag, i-D. We hope she picks herself up in time for her role in the new Jim Jarmush film, "The Limits Of Control"...

The Pin-Up by Swide Team

The F/W 91-92 collection became a showgirl for the season - a scintillating, curvaceous, glamorous Hollywood star. The designers showcased it on actress Sherilyn Fenn, after being impressed with her fifties style in the cult David Lynch T.V programme Twin Peaks.

War on plastic by Swide Team

From New York design duo Lovegrove & Repucci - reusable shopping bags. Forget visions of peaceful hippies however - these bags mean business and are real weapons in the fight to save our earth.

Driving home for Christmas by Swide Team

If post-office chat bores or Christmas shopping exhausts you - getting into the sanctuary of your car may be a bit dangerous. If the calm and tranquility of your car brings on the zzz's - it's time for a driving alarm.

Tree envy by Swide Team

Quick and easy - two words that not always = classy. In this case however, they work. If like us, you don't have the time to create a Bing Crosby-esque Winter grotto yet don't want to appear Scrooge-like, try a cardboard Christmas tree.

President for the day by Swide Team

With the end of the year nigh, we're exhausted by all this change - in a good way of course. Time-out is what we need, and who better than with Obama. Take a peek at Super Obama World for a game

Victoria's Secrets (Harper's Bazaar U.S. Jan 09) by Swide Team

The dedicated follower of fashion reveals all to Harpers Bazaar U.S. in their new issue out now. Described in the accompanying interview as "possessing a need for reinvention" - we discover what's next...

Diffusion (Hercules Spain, November 2008) by Swide Team

Dream dinner party guests - always a conversation we love to have, but we sometimes feel people miss a trick or two. Yes of course we'd love to meet Einstein and chatter with Truman Capote but it's always nice to have something easy on the eyes too...

The exhibitionist by Swide Team

Holding court right now in Miami is Naomi Campbell. A retrospective of photography from some of the worl'ds top photographers that feature Naomi - is currently exhbiting at the Art Photo Expo Miami

Shopping for a living by Swide Team

The buyers are in town - upstairs as we speak are some of fashion's most important people - i-e the people with the cash. I'm not talking about payroll, no the buyers are in town and we're all dying for the first glimpses of autumn winter 2010...

Fashion face-off by Swide Team

My journey into the office means passing a a v.famous advertising agency who's employees obviously like to think of themselves as the latest in cutting edge style - the result? A fashion face-off at the nearby traffic lights...

Do Christmas different by Swide Team

Christmas is for classic black and white movies, munching chocolate on the sofa and a good glass of red wine. The only drawback? Being left with a dancing complex...we have the answer...

4th DECEMBER 2008
Metal Christmas by Swide Team

We intend to be on sparkling form this Christmas, but after one too many cocktails we're aware we may need to rely on the kindness of strangers. Hurrah then for stylists! Our very own Swide stylist has become a magpie to bring us the shiniest gift selection yet.

Why the circus is hot by Swide Team

"There are only two types of people in the world - The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe".

In the name of bread by Swide Team

Milanese institution Princi has just opened an outpost in London. Could this be the one place that stays open later than 11pm in London we ask? Based on its Italian branches, this chic bread shop offers more than the usual ciabatta...

The power of words by Swide Team

I do of course understand the importance of words when describing the launch of a new fragrance - I was however unprepared to discuss the meaning of certain words in front of top DG executives...

Eccentric Riviera (Marie Claire Italy Dec 2008) by Swide Team

We may just have found our Christmas outfit. We've already booked the vacation but have yet to pack the perfect outfit for a Cannes disco and a swanky New Year's dinner.

Wash tacky ads away by Swide Team

Japanese company Lion is using manga in its washing powder ads - quite possibly the most interesting ads in this genre that we've seen. Despite the world having moved on - we never quite understood why soap ads remained in the 60's...

3rd DECEMBER 2008
Spinning around by Swide Team

No.17 in a limited series - If you get knocked off a horse, you get back on. As her love life continued to be consigned to the endless carousel of dating - she decided instead to have all the fun of the fair.

The crisis game by Swide Team

Icelanders have decided to turn recession into make-believe, well at least for an hour or two after Christmas lunch. Using what's left of their savings - "The Crisis Board Game" from Icelandic company Gogogic is getting Iceland spending again.

Make and break Facebook friends by Swide Team

This week's in-box is sadly full of requests and little in the way of festive love. Readers - where - is - the- love? Blogs, models and facebook friend requests? Remember there is only one little helper desk!

Diffusion (Value Japan Nov 2008) by Swide Team

We love the Japanese attention to detail - their unique eye for the bits we skip over in our bid to get the bigger picture. This editorial from Value Japan explores in depth the joy of a Dolce & Gabbana coat...

Dusting down the office by Swide Team

The festive season at Dolce & Gabbana is well underway - Christmas cards are top of the agenda and as such, an in-house artist has been brought in to paint, design, and hand-craft a series of cards for top V-I-P's - luckily I'm sat right next to her so...

2nd DECEMBER 2008
The dark streets singer by Swide Team

Imelda May is a Dublin born singer with a raw talent and timeless glamour. A true performer with a sassy burlesque fusion of jazz, rock and blues her voice is set to star in the new Moulin Rouge film - "Dark Streets" out on December 12th.

The robot guitar by Swide Team

Coming soon...thirteen days and counting, is the Gibson "Dark Fire" - a new electric guitar set to launch for Christmas 08. Combining chameleon tone and second generation robot guitar technology we're hoping it will turn us into Keith Richards...

The luggage carousel is the new hotspot by Swide Team

No.16 in a limited series - Picking up more than a suitcase. Business sent him mainly to Europe but this time it was long haul. His journeys were spent alone; he had no time for romance and even less for history.

Eva is paradise (GQ Spain Nov 2008) by Swide Team

The beautiful Eva Herzigova looks simply perfect in this pin-up shoot that reminds us immediately of the iconic imagery of Marilyn Monroe. In Dolce & Gabbana AW08, we find out who was behind this timeless shoot.

The new currency by Swide Team

It's December!!! To celebrate the fact Christmas is on its way, my Italian colleagues have been distributing chocolate coins. How apt when right now they are the only pennies in my purse :-(

1st DECEMBER 2008
Bow ties are back by Swide Team

Join the international jet-set with a SS09 D&G accessory must-have.The leisurely life-style, the 1930's and the French Riveria - all elements that conjure up a certain retro sophistication. If star quality is what you crave, add a bow-tie to your look.

Why Chicago is hot by Swide Team

Not only is Chicago home to Obama, but now it's making another global appearance as the setting for new film Cadillic Records.

How to rise in the ranks by Swide Team

No. 15 in a limited series - The office Queen bee is crowned on Madison Avenue. She'd just left a meeting she'd been dreading all week and was waiting for a taxi - despite the fact she'd been waiting ten minutes, the delay didn't bother her today.

That last season feeling by Swide Team

Whilst the cruise collection might be the closest I get to the real thing this year - I'm pulled out of my own personal economic gloom by the sight of Gisele being taken out of the building via the fire exit.

Geek Chic (Neo2 Spain Nov 2008) by Swide Team

When we say this little lady in D&G we knew immediately she was at the top of the style class. We're desperately trying to emulate her quirky intelligence in the office right now but this pesky cold keeps steaming up our glasses.